TYPO3 Upgrade Vs TYPO3 Relaunch : What's the best option?

TYPO3 Upgrade or TYPO3 Relaunch? Confused between the two of the options? We feel you. TYPO3 Upgrade and TYPO3 Relaunch a TYPO3 website seems similar but holds a lot of differences between the two.

TYPO3 Upgrade Vs TYPO3 Relaunch : What's the best option?

To simplify your choice we’ve prepared this detailed TYPO3 Upgrade vs TYPO3 Relaunch guide with different conditions that could help you make the most efficient and accurate decision for your current TYPO3 website.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

According to the latest researched data, if you maintain your website on a regular basis it is very beneficial for you from a sales perspective. People who upgraded their websites from older versions to the latest noticed the following sting results,

  • 55% more visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

That’s a quite good uplift for a little investment. Isn’t it?

Switching from very old TYPO3 website (eg. 4 to 9)

If you’re switching from say very old TYPO3 version to the latest TYPO3 version, for instance from TYPO3 version 4 to 10, then we’d suggest you go for the TYPO3 website relaunch option. The reason why we suggest relaunch is because,

  • The template’s structure is very old, upgrading TYPO3 may break it. Also, it is advised to go for a fresh website look with the latest design and coding standards compatible with the latest TYPO3 version.
  • The extensions are no longer available or may not be maintained for the current TYPO3 version.
  • According to your evolved business, functionalities and changes may require a different approach.

Upgrade ❌ Relaunch ✅

Switching from nearer TYPO3 version (eg. 8 to 10)

If your TYPO3 site’s version is nearer to the latest TYPO3 version i.e for now let’s consider TYPO3 version 10, then we’d recommend a TYPO3 upgrade. Because your existing website’s architecture (design + templating method + extensions) must be nearer to the latest ones and so it can be upgraded with ease without much functionality breakage.

Upgrade ✅ Relaunch ❌

Go with the latest design and TYPO3 version

The technology behind web design and development changes all the time, and so if you have an older website built mostly with HTML, then we'd recommend you TYPO3 relaunch. You can either go with fresh development with the latest TYPO3 templating methods or go with a trendy TYPO3 template to save bucks ;)

Upgrade ❌ Relaunch ✅

Refreshing or rebranding your business

Best user experience can really drive visitors to buy your products or hire your service and make them feel that you're serious about brand representation. As so you may be wishing to completely rebrand and rebuild your existing website. We'd recommend you go for TYPO3 relaunch so that you can go with your desired website design built with the latest coding standards and can utilize the latest TYPO3 extensions and benefits.

Upgrade ❌ Relaunch ✅

Are older version elements/extensions not compatible anymore?

In case your extensions are no more compatible or not maintained, no need to upgrade or relaunch your TYPO3 website, just you can backup the data and you can switch the alternative extension or can get it upgraded from a TYPO3 service provider. 

In another case, if the main functioning core extension or template frameworks are not working and need replacement you can without a doubt go for a TYPO3 upgrade.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ❌

PHP version no more compatible with current TYPO3 version

There may be chances where your current hosting provider drops support for your current TYPO3 version or the current PHP version you use at your website. In case we’d recommend going for an upgrade if your current TYPO3 version is nearer to the latest. But if you have a very primitive TYPO3 version, we’d suggest you go for a relaunch with a new design and TYPO3 version.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ✅

No more LTS available for your current TYPO3 version

If no more LTS support is available you can always opt for TYOP3’s ELTS (Extended Long Term Support), however, it is also for a limited period of 3 years. Post that to cope up with compatibility issues, modern website trends, and security, we’d recommend you going for TYPO3 grade. TYPO3 relaunch would be a costly option here.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ❌

Need to make your website more secure

Security is the most crucial concern in the website business, your data, customers, visitors are your assets. And so for the website security concerns, TYPO3 security teams release continuous security updates. Upgrading them on a regular basis can keep you assured of security concerns. No major TYPO3 upgrade or relaunch is recommended in this case.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ❌

Fuse with new technology (Headless or PWA)

Congratulations! If you’re upgrading your TYPO3 website with the latest trending technologies say with Headless TYPO3 or with Progressive web apps you need to go for basically a TYPO3 website relaunch. The older website standards and structure won’t match and be compatible with. IMHO, Headless TYPO3 and PWA call for a minimum requirement of TYPO3 v10. And as so it is recommended a TYPO3 relaunch option.

Upgrade ❌ Relaunch ✅

Want to go with TYPO3 eCommerce? 

Powering up your TYPO3 website to TYPO3 Shop website can be a good idea. To do so you don’t need a major TYPO3 relaunch. You just need to integrate TYPO3 Aimeos TYPO3 Shop Extension to your existing website. The only thing to consider is that your version for the current TYPO3 website is compatible with the Aimeos extension i.e TYPO3 v8,9,10.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ❌

Improve complete site’s speed and performance (Website loading + SEO)

To boost the speed and performance of your TYPO3 website, we recommend you go through a deep TYPO3 upgrade. No, not just the TYPO3 version but sometimes being with the latest TYPO3 version but poor coding structures and standards make your TYPO3 website function very poorly.

Upgrading your existing website in terms of coding standards, eliminating code deprecation, better extension, SEO structural setups, and plugins, improved templating methods, and whatnot! Summing up such minor processes would ultimately result in better website performance.

Upgrade ✅  Relaunch ❌

TYPO3 Upgrade or TYPO3 Relaunch with TYPO3 Template!

If you ask for estimations of custom development for TYPO3 relaunch or major TYPO3 Upgrade, we bet the cost would be much higher than a ready-made TYPO3 template

The custom design and development is of course that the starting price is much higher, typically ranging from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on your needs and desired outcome. Of course, the more pages, forms, and templates you have, the more costly your TYPO3 website will be.

Let’s understand it by one of our customer case study,

Customer Requirement:

A parent group of companies needed to relaunch a TYPO3 website with a new design and TYPO3 version that displays a variety of niche services and businesses they needed to showcase. Some of their businesses were textile, automobile, Retail services, education (colleges), stock market services, and manufacturing firms. 

They required a website template that can satisfy the look and feel of all the individual niches from a single website i.e from a parent website that showcases their businesses and on clicking an individual business it redirects users to its specific website with different looks but same structure. 

Custom Template Development approach:

Following were the time and cost estimations for the requirement to develop everything from scratch,

Development Time: 2.5 to 3 months (300 hours approx)

Cost: 9000 Euros (300 hours of development with €30/hr)

Ready-made template (T3 Karma) approach:

When the customer got aware of T3 Karma, the ultimately multi-purpose template with hundreds of elements and website layouts, here are the estimations,

Development Time: 0 hours

Cost:  €499

The template was the fruitful option to the customer and he proceeded happily for it. Why should one pay more price than it actually is.

We hope this case study would have cleared your confusions and you’d have a right direction to think!

Check Pre Built TYPO3 Templates

FAQ about TYPO3 Upgrade and TYPO3 Relaunch

  • How to rebuild an existing TYPO3 website?

This will depend on what version and templating structure your TYPO3 website is built on. The best approach is to find out the TYPO3 development agency that is experienced at TYPO3 and grab a quotation for the same.

  • How much does it cost to rebuild a TYPO3 website?

The cost to rebuild the TYPO3 website will vary significantly depending on how much work needs doing. It’s like asking “How much will it cost to renovate my house?” – it obviously depends completely on how much work is required. Feel free to contact us to get an estimate of the cost to rebuild your website.

  • How to upgrade a TYPO3 website?

With TYPO3 websites, it’s the template and templating method, existing PHP and TYPO3 version, currently used extension that has most of the control over your website looks. It’s usually possible to update your TYPO3 website by proper planning.

Learn how to make TYPO3 Upgrade painless.

But if in doubt, contact us and we’d be happy to take a look at your website and offer some advice.

  • How to rebuild a website in TYPO3 without updating in real-time?

The best option here is to use a ‘staging’ site. This is a cloned copy of your website, which can be edited and updated without affecting the live website. Then when the TYPO3 relaunch is complete, it’s possible to just migrate TYPO3 to the staging site to replace the live site in one quick process.

  • How to update the TYPO3 website?

There are lots of possible answers to this question, depending on factors such as your website technology, your website hosting environment, and the type and scale of updates you want to make. If in doubt, get in touch with us for some advice.

  • How often should you update your TYPO3 website?

As a general rule of thumb, a lot of businesses will completely overhaul their website around every 24 – 36 months. However this depends a lot on the specifics of your website, and what you hope to achieve. In the shorter term, you should install updates for any existing TYPO3 plugins or third-party tools much more frequently, to avoid any vulnerabilities and to keep your site running smoothly.

  • How much does it cost to update a TYPO3 website?

This might cost less than €100, to more than €10,000, depending on how much work is required. If you’re unsure about where to start, give us a call to discuss your objectives and we’ll send you an estimate for the work.

Learn more about TYPO3 Upgrade costings

Some TYPO3 Upgrade / TYPO3 Relaunch Utilities

TYPO3 Upgrade Kit

Well, we have an ultimate guide on TYPO3 update/upgrade that includes a step-by-step guide with detailed processes to ensure a safe TYPO3 upgrade and so that you can decide on a budget and keeping your TYPO3 Upgrade process on track.

Download Free TYPO3 Update/Upgrade kit

Automized TYPO3 Upgrade Compatibility Checker

For now, to check TYPO3 compatibility, you must manually prepare a 3rd party TYPO3 extension compatibility report by checking the specifications of each extension one by one from the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). And well, that’s a very time-consuming task.

To save time and energy for the project planning and estimation, Team NITSAN developed a cool TYPO3 extension to generate an automatic extension compatibility report, and its result is wonderful. You can make the TYPO3 estimation process painless with it!

Download TYPO3 Extension Compatibility Report Generator

TYPO3 Rebuild vs TYPO3 Revise: Concluding the Question

The answer to TYPO3 rebuild or TYPO3 Upgrade is not clear-cut because it depends on two main things:

  • The state of your current website, and whether it helps you meet business goals.
  • The changes and functionality you want or need to incorporate to better engage your audience and move visitors further down the sales cycle.

When deciding whether your website should be upgraded or scrapped altogether, it is important to know what your goals are and if your current site can meet those needs. For example, if you have an older website built mostly with HTML, you probably can’t incorporate any upgrades and definitely need TYPO3 relaunch. If you have a newer website with updated code that meets current standards, maybe small upgrade revisions are all that is needed.

While the stated reasons can serve as a guideline as you consider whether your website is ready for a redesign, every website is unique, and there may be other factors that influence your decision. 

NITSAN is happy to work with you to review your current site to determine how a redesign might help you achieve your business goals. 

If you have any questions or queries feel free to drop them in the comment box below! Till then see you ;)

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