Why is Aimeos the best TYPO3 Shop Solution?

Wishing for eCommerce functionality for your TYPO3 website? Are you looking to build an online TYPO3 store or integrate E-commerce functionality? TYPO3 CMS being truly enterprise CMS lacks Ecommerce functionality. Ecommerce functionality to TYPO3 CMS can be integrated by powerful TYPO3 Shop Extensions.

Why is Aimeos the best TYPO3 Shop Solution?

If you are looking forward to building an online TYPO3 store or integrating E-commerce functionality. Aimeos TYPO3 Shop Solution is the best choice for you! 

It should be noted, however, that Ecommerce is not yet a part of the TYPO3 core. That being said, if you still want to take advantage of this great TYPO3 content management system for your business, you still can — with TYPO3 Aimeos Shop Solutions!

According to statistics from trends Built with, it can be clearly depicted that TYPO3 is being selected with fused TYPO3 Ecommerce Extension solutions for their businesses.

According to Statista, eCommerce has registered a steady growth both in value and in the number of goods and services it has to offer. 

While eCommerce accounted for only 7.4% of global retail sales in 2015, the figure went up to 11.9% in 2018. This steady trend is a strong indicator for businesses to shift their marketing efforts online. By 2021, the share is expected to rise even more, up to 17.5%!

The above data automatically lets businesses have a reliable online store built with a popular eCommerce platform like TYPO3 Aimeos if they successfully run their TYPO3 eCommerce website and want to go ahead in the race.

Do you know?

We have proudly launched the first-ever Shop template in TYPO3 history based on Aimeos TYPO3 Shop extension. Meet, T3 Vishnu - TYPO3 Shop Template

In today’s article, I will highlight an awesome TYPO3 Shop/eCommerce extension known as TYPO3 Shop Aimeos and create a robust TYPO3 Store!

Important features of TYPO3 Shop with Aimeos

For building a great & scalable e-store, there are limited TYPO3 Shop Extensions available

TYPO3 comes with the best kinds of enterprise-level platforms, security, flexibility, and richness but lacks eCommerce integration by default.

But, choosing TYPO3 Aimeos as an eCommerce extension for the TYPO3 shop is a wise decision for all business owners. Trust us, no other TYPO3 Shop extension can provide the extensive, rich, and flexible features as Aimeos does.

Let’s meet remarkable features of TYPO3 Aimeos,

#1 Convert your product into a recurring payment subscription

TYPO3 Aimeos automatically stores payment status via supported payment providers. Hence, you can sell your products in recurring time intervals.

#2 Out of the box feature: Multi-tenancy 

It is capable of providing multi-vendor, multichannel, and multi-warehouse to build marketplaces and complex B2B apps and affiliate systems along with site extension.

#3 Build SaaS eCommerce solutions 

Without the need for extra costs, merchants can manage their inventories as it hosts a large number of fast online shops using SaaS.

#4 Develop e-store of 1,000,000,000+ items rendering 20ms 

TYPO3 Aimeos is a big eCommerce platform as compared to Amazon with features like ElasticSearch & gigacommerce extension. It can render a shop with a capacity of 1000000000+ items in 20 ms.

#5 Offer 100+ payment gateways

With its Omnipay PHP library, it can capture payments worldwide through major payment service providers.

#6 Use JSON REST API to build custom e-stores

By using JSON REST API which is based on jsonapi.org standard, developers can build custom progressive web apps, native mobile apps & interactive frontends.

#7 Contain a variety of products in a single e-shop

TYPO3 Shops built with TYPO3 Aimeos contains all types of products including bundles, vouchers & a variety of products that you can shop.

#8 Rank better on search engines

TYPO3 Aimeos is one of the highly-rated & most used TYPO3 eCommerce extensions among developers and enterprises. It comes with plenty of features that help web developers to build a full-fledged shopping e-cart. It also comprises advanced features that make it rank better and on-top positions in the search engines.

#9 Smoothly runs an online-store 

TYPO3 Aimeos offers fully customized options that meet your specific business needs. Using this platform, you can add detailed views of products, can search for the desired products, and also implement an easy checkout process. It can smoothly run your online eCommerce store at a fast speed.

#10 Secure & SEO-friendly e-stores

TYPO3 Aimeos helps in building fully SEO-friendly web stores equipped with high security and also avoiding any type of SQL injection or XSS at the same time.

#11 Easy integration

It is an open-source TYPO3 Shop plugin using which developers can create a fully functional TYPO3 eCommerce website. The website or web app is capable of displaying & managing 100000+ products to its customers. Moreover, it is the code structure of this eCommerce package that helps web developers to integrate this with any PHP web application.

#12 Amazing feature for TYPO3 distribution

TYPO3 Aimeos is comprising of a most-promising feature i.e. TYPO3 distribution. It is used to help online merchants so that they can easily introduce their respective online stores to the people by providing an image synthesis that renders 40 ms. Using this, they can also manage 10000+ online orders on a daily basis

Flexibility In TYPO3 Shopping Cart Management

If you want to build a TYPO3 eCommerce website, you might as well eliminate other options because the TYPO3 Aimeos e-commerce extension provides an abundance of features that you won’t have in other TYPO3 Shop extensions. You can manage the web stores and the TYPO3 shopping cart as well.

The primary code which is included in the extension comes with a basic set of functions like payment options, pricing management like discounts, gateways, functionalities of carts, and a lot more.

And in case you are not able to figure out how to get started with the development phase of your TYPO3 website, you can always hire TYPO3 eCommerce developers who can develop a robust TYPO3 Store for you within a particular deadline and budget.

Future of TYPO3 Aimeos Extension

Aimeos is already a very feature-rich system that contains almost everything you will need to build your online shop or B2B e-commerce application. Nevertheless, there are a few things that are on the list for the next versions:

  • GraphQL API as an alternative to the existing JSON REST API
  • Progressive web application based on Vue.js
  • AI-based image optimization and text translation
  • Personalization using machine learning
  • Support and Integration to Headless websites

Backend Visit to TYPO3 Aimeos - TYPO3 Shop Extension

TYPO3 Aimeos Dashboard

Order Management

Product Configuration

Voucher Settings

Subscription/Recurring Settings

Multilingual Settings

And Wrapping Up!

Choosing the best TYPO3 Ecommerce option is tricky and it all depends on your personal needs.

We hope this guide helped you choose and get known with the best TYPO3 Ecommerce option Aimeos.

Now, when you have decided to choose TYPO3 Aimeos as your online TYPO3 store platform, it is the right time to find the best developers to develop a TYPO3 eCommerce website.

If You are New to TYPO3 CMS and Want to easy installation You can find installation guide here : Installing TYPO3 with DDEV

Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comment section below, we’re happy to answer!

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