NITSAN is celebrating 13th TYPO3 Developer Days at Düsseldorf

We are super excited to attend the TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD18) Event as a sponsor as well as a speaker. Continuing the tradition of meeting new people, sparking inspiration, and having a good time while exploring TYPO3. Three fantastic days in Düsseldorf, Germany. Meet TYPO3 developers from around the world. A great experience, not to be missed!

NITSAN is celebrating 13th TYPO3 Developer Days at Düsseldorf

About T3DD

T3DD18 Event is organized by TYPO3 Association itself. It’s the event where you get to explore with the developers of TYPO3 from all over the globe. The four days of event where all the TYPO3 Developer celebrates the different events like coding, sessions, and explore more and more about TYPO3. The TYPO3 community helps and supports in every event; they organize it very beautifully that a coder enjoys exploring with the other programmers.

Glimpse of the Event

Let’s know how NITSAN is going to celebrate the TYPO3 Developer Days:

NITSAN as Sponsor

We are proud to become ‘Coding Night Sponsor’ of T3DD18 Event. It has always been awaiting moment for T3DD Event. How can we miss such a golden opportunity? We are glad too, to get a chance to contribute to the TYPO3 Community.

Our CTO as Speaker

Another pride moment, that our CTO Mr. Sanjay Chauhan will share the talks about “10 Tips & Tricks For TYPO3 Upgrade Projects” on 21st June, that is on the very 1st day of the event. How exciting it is.


We believe learning is never a limit. One of our member, Mr. Keval Pandya, The team leader of TYPO3 Team of NITSAN will appear for the TYPO3 certification exam. Getting new learnings and exploring about the TYPO3 is the main motto. We thanks TYPO3 community to provide such a great platform.

Code Sprint of

Sprints are always super exciting, isn’t it? And this is code sprint. Every developer would want to be a part of it. We are proud to be a part of code sprint of, Read more details at

TYPO3 Talks

Inspiring People To Share - The slogan of TYPO3. So, “sharing the knowledge and experiencing” is one of the aim of the event, there are lots of TYPO3 sessions and workshops that will be held in this event.

Coding Night

On 22nd June, One of the most exciting event called “Coding Night” will be there, where all the TYPO3 Fans will work together on different code sprint and open source projects. A room full of coders, programmers, working together whole night, sounds so exciting, isn’t it?

Social Events

Does the event sound so boring? Just coding and session and TYPO3 Talk? Then you are missing something. Of course, one of the motive of the event will be social gathering too, so there will be lots of fun, delicious foods and enjoyment!

Want to know more about T3DD18?


So, these were just the glimpse but if you want to know every detail about the event. Here is the complete schedule of T3DD18


The super place for event celebration is Europe | Germany | Dusseldorf

Join and Become part of the TYPO3 community

We would love to meet you at T3DD18 event; You may register at

It’s for sure that the one, who is going to join the celebration of TYPO3 Developer Days 2018 (T3DD18) Event, will have tremendous fun and of course level up their knowledge as from every corner of the world – TYPO3 Develops will meet each other.

PS: Other latest update - NITSAN will also attend one of the biggest TYPO3 conference at

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