Choosing the Right TYPO3 Development Partner

Looking for a TYPO3 Outsourcing Partner? If you’re a stakeholder of a successful TYPO3 development Agency in the US or Europe OR a design or Ad. Agency, then with globalization of TYPO3 chances are that your customer base is expanding and, hopefully, your product sales are on the rise.

Choosing the Right TYPO3 Development Partner

With this comes TYPO3 outsourcing with affordable cost to hire offshore developers to access a wider pool of talent, there are countless perks of hiring offshore developers. 

This guide will help you learn about everything you need to know while hiring TYPO3 teams and will make the process of hiring TYPO3 developers easy for you.

What is Offshore TYPO3 Development?

Well going with the basics, Offshore TYPO3 development is a unique kind of business approach where one Software development/TYPO3 Development/Design Agency particularly hires another TYPO3 Agency (basically in another country) for TYPO3 development projects. 

And for an individual it's difficult to work with business at the same time keeping up with ongoing enhancements in TYPO3 world to cope up with best practices and development trends of TYPO3 day to day. And well, maybe there the most obvious way out of this is to hire a TYPO3 outsourcing agency.

Some possible goals you must set for yourself when you’re outsourcing TYPO3 work:

  • Spend XX% less time on TYPO3-related tasks without any loss of quality of the final result.
  • Build a long-term relationship with a single outsourcer or a company.
  • Devote XX% of the whole project’s budget to outsourcing (in a way that you can outsource part of the job and still make a good profit).

Truly speaking, offshore TYPO3 outsourcing is considered as one of the best cost-cutting measures, but there are a lot more reasons why companies hire offshore developers. Let's explore the concept in depth.

Why Should You Hire Offshore TYPO3 Development Agency?

#1 Pocket-friendly Approach

If you are a startup and consider working with offshore developers, TYPO3 Outsourcing would be a very cost-efficient option due to a low hourly development rate maintaining the same high-quality standards and measures as of native developer.  

This is on the grounds that by choosing an offshore development agency you won't need to spend your capital on overhead costs like an office lease, pay rates, insurances, payroll charges, and so on. Rather, you will spend your assets on your business growth. 

Moreover, for a pre-established TYPO3 agency, outsourcing to countries like India is a great option due to their feasible development costs. Though the cost of TYPO3 development is low, there is no compromise on the level of quality. India has the highest number of ISO-9000 software companies. And NITSAN is one of them ;)

“India has been known for providing excellent work quality with low development costs. According to a recent outsourcing survey, 59% of businesses that were interviewed are already outsourcing to India, with an additional 22% planning to go or considering it.”

#2 Improved productivity and quality

Well, when you hire outsourced TYPO3 developers it is not only pocket friendly, but also improves the development process, thereby saving time.

That is to say when you have an offshore team on your side, the time, and effort required to train new employees with TYPO3 gets saved. 

The offshore developers that you hire will be TYPO3 experts. So, by saving time & money on your team training, you can focus on your core business objectives. Summing up here are some advantages,

  • Lower development costs
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Increased efficiency
  • Access to great talent
  • More time for your core operations

#3 Flexibility to opt for new technology

Changing the technology stack becomes a challenge with an in-house team. However, when you are working with a team of offshore developers, you can easily switch between the different teams (like from TYPO3 developers to Front-end developers).

In fact, you will get the freedom to add or remove a developer to your offshore team. You just have to inform your TYPO3 development partner to scale up or scale down your team of developers.

#4 Accessibility to certified TYPO3 developers and talent

Outsourcing offers access to a large talent pool of TYPO3 development professionals. TYPO3 development requires numerous skills, and getting TYPO3 certified developers and integrators under one roof becomes quite costly for your remote team. 

And outsourcing solves this problem by giving you access to hire expert TYPO3 certified professionals with the best talents and knowledge at the best costs.

#5 It becomes your very own team

At the point when you hire an offshore TYPO3 development team in India, you can guide and manage your team by your requirements and expectations. It implies you are allowed to make your desired decisions of getting things done. 

Plus point all the factors such as, 

  • Development
  • Team Management
  • Quality Control 
  • Risk Management

Wholesome becomes the responsibility of your outsourcing partner. You just need to stay independent of such concerns. Your team handles it all.

#6 Tax saving

When you hire offshore app developers in countries like India, Ukraine, etc. you can take advantage of the tax incentives offered by them. 

How to Start TYPO3 Development with an outsourcing agency?

#1 Define your business goals

Make sure that you are clear about all your business goals. Keep the requirements short and crisp so that your offshore TYPO3 development team can understand your vision effectively. 

Be sure of the kind of TYPO3 service you are expecting from the TYPO3 agency if it’s complete TYPO3 development, Extension or Template development, TYPO3 Maintenance service or complete service by hiring top TYPO3 experts.

#2 Evaluate the required skillset/Technology stack

Identify the expertise and skills that you will require to fulfill your TYPO3 project. Be 

specific and clear about the technology stack you would need to develop your TYPO3 project. 

The agency you hire for your TYPO3 project development must have a strong TYPO3 Skillset along with front-end development skills and must know the true definition of Done.

#3 Plan your budget

It is important for you to have your budget planned. You must be clear about the amount you require to invest when you begin & complete the project. 

When you consult an offshore TYPO3 team and ask for the proposal to have an idea about hiring feasibility.

#4 List down top Offshore TYPO3 Development Agency

Shortlist the countries and the TYPO3 agencies based on time zone, culture, and developers offering the best price/quality ratio.

Factors to Consider While Hiring Offshore TYPO3 Developers

#1 TYPO3 Expertise

Ensure that you hire a TYPO3 development team that has TYPO3 certified developers and code with the latest and standard development methods. 

You should match teams' skills set with your required technology stack to filter out the developers that are unable to fulfill your business goals.

#2 Shared Quotation

“Quality comes at a certain cost.” 

Focus on cost efficiency rates and offshore developers that can deliver quality work on time. When you go for very cheap quotes, you sometimes end up paying more.

#3 TYPO3 work history and Track record

Look at the team's engagement with the TYPO3 community, their achievements with TYPO3, and expertise measures with TYPO3. 

Check the profiles of the company and look out for their case studies and previously worked projects

Check out their testimonials and if possible, get in touch with the previous client, and consider their feedback.

#4 Critical problem-solving skills

Problems arise from the smallest of errors.

And to solve them, your offshore developers require to have the following skills, 

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Intelligence
  • Decision making
  • Risk management
  • And of course strong TYPO3 and other technical skills

Therefore, your offshore development team should be solution-oriented.

#5 Business Models

There are different types of contracts in the TYPO3 development model such as the Time cost model, Hourly development model, Hiring dedicated developer, etc. There is no one size fits all solution.

However, the good service provider will always analyze your requirements and give advice on which of the IT outsourcing models will fit your particular business case.

#6 Communication skills & Collaboration Expertise 

Your TYPO3 development partner along with developers should be a good communicator and should be able to work and cooperate the way that is comfortable to you. 

During the project development phase, your offshore TYPO3 developers should be able to communicate effectively to ensure the smooth functioning of the project wit different project management tools.


#7 Availability 

Before hiring your TYPO3 partner, you must ensure if they are available for the period of time, if by chance the project length increases or dependencies arise. 

Ideal Team Structure of Offshore TYPO3 Development agency

#1 TYPO3 Consultant

“TYPO3 Consultant = Your catalyst for TYPO3 Project Success”

If you're a business owner trying to start a TYPO3 project development from scratch, you may need a TYPO3 consultant to help you overcome some of the common obstacles.

With a TYPO3 consultant on your side advising you on the best options for TYPO3 development, running a TYPO3 project goes much smoother.

#2 Project Manager

A project manager is a key person that helps you deal with the rest of the team. Make sure you are well coordinated with them and are on the same target and timeframe. 

The Project manager works with your TYPO3 development team to allocate the required resources, set targets and processes, and provide you the timely feedback.

#3 Frontend Developers

The frontend team is liable for dealing with the implementation and visual parts of your TYPO3 project in coordination with TYPO3 backend developers. 

You have to ensure them two are in the same spot while executing your TYPO3 project.

#4 Certified TYPO3 Developers

TYPO3 developers in your outsourced team must have professional experience of working with TYPO3 4.x to 10.x versions, following latest technologies and complete control over effective communications.

#5 Quality Assurance

The quality assurance team will determine and check quality standards, confirm your requirements making sure of rich project quality throughout the project. 

#6 Deployment & Server Administration

To install, upgrade, or manage the on-premises TYPO3 deployment of your project the Deployment & Server Administration is must to provide support collaborative TYPO3 development, including Git repositories, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), and much more.

How to Manage Your Outsourced TYPO3 Team?

#1 Opt for communication tool instead of lengthy mails

Instead of using emails as a mode of communication frequently, you can opt for dedicated project management tools such as Slack, Active Collab, Asana etc. 

#2 Set up clear and achievable goals

Unclear goals and rough deadlines would not lead to the proper development of the TYPO3 project, so it’s a good idea to set clear and measurable goals from the very beginning. 

This way, you can track the progress and can avoid the risk and misunderstandings.

#3 Stay Active with project’s future tasks/planning

To deal with an offshore TYPO3 development team, you should be active. Moreover, you can plan the weekly as well as monthly tasks and deadlines prior to your team. This way, you will feel more confident while hiring and managing your hired TYPO3 team.

Tips for Successful TYPO3 Outsourcing

#1 Focus to have a clear goal

Allow your team to perform with their own way of working. You should have trust in your team. Hence, be coordinated and focus on your goals with the help of your team.

#2 Look for expertise and experience

You must look for the best qualities before hiring TYPO3 developers for your project.  They should be updated with the industry’s best practices and tools. Look for teams who have vast expertise, and those who understand your business.

#3 Review Contract properly

One must have a contract signed before proceeding. Contracts must follow what was agreed by both parties during the negotiations. It should specify the duration and goals of the project.

#4 Stay committed and engaged

Your involvement matters the most because nobody knows your business as well as you do. Your commitment can have amazing results on the final outcomes.

Why should you hire NITSAN as your TYPO3 Partner?


The demand for TYPO3 development services has increased in the last few years. This means that your business can profit too if you choose this CMS for your business website development. 

Whether it is about developing a TYPO3 website, extension, or template you need the right team to take care of your needs. This is where the majority of the businesses out there go for outsourcing. 

Did we miss anything? Do you have any questions? Let us know your views in the comments!

Happy TYPO3 Outsourcing!

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