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TYPO3 Award Year


TYPO3 Award Year


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Paysafe: Award-Winning TYPO3 Project in Payment & Finánzen

Paysafe, a leading payment solutions provider with a global presence (including headquarters in Florida, Dublin, London , Berlin), has over 25 years of experience in the payment industry. Their primary focus is on providing seamless and easy payment solutions for their customers. As the largest payment service provider, Paysafe is looking for a TYPO3 partner who can satisfy their custom TYPO3 requirements. This includes building a blog module from scratch for easy content sharing, implementing a questionnaire module, and creating a TYPO3 backend with customized options to align with their goals.

We are the “ TYPO3 Award 2018“ Title holder for the Paysafe Project in the Payment & Finance Category!

Words From Our Customers

Nikolaus Brocke

Nikolaus Brocke

Founder Paysafe

I worked with NITSAN for servicing and redesigning the TYPO3 website of a client of us. It was a good relationship. They could implement every Idea we or the client had. They were responding fast and understood all tasks well. They allways delivered on time.

The Task & Challenges  

Paysafe, a leading payment solutions company, needed a modern website design that adapts to different screen sizes (responsive view). Our goal was to create custom CMS pages using unique TYPO3 elements. These pages will explain Paysafe's developer tools and payment solutions in detail. A major challenge was building a new blog with advanced features from scratch. We also developed over six additional modules to allow users to enjoy seamless transaction services.

Project Challenges for Paysafe

  • Development: easy-to-use backed and Fast Performing Website
  • User Experience: Designing a new blog module with visible and easy-sharing options
  • A Questionnaire module for listening to Q&A
  • Customize the backend editorial Option for better Information representations

Solutions We Worked on

The website is built with a modern design structure with a responsive view. Many CMS pages designed in this website show the complete explanation of its developer and the solutions itself. We worked on different phases of the website including Frontend integration to development of CMS pages and built custom modules for align with paysafe’s needs.

By partnering with us, Paysafe gained the solutions and resources they needed to create impactful and user-centric experiences for their clients.

New Blog & News Module for Fresh Content

New Blog & News Module for Fresh Content

We understand the importance of having a dynamic website with new and interesting content. That's why we created a user-friendly and interactive blog section ("Stories") to help easily share expertise and keep visitors engaged.

  • Easy Blog Setup
  • Separate workspaces for authors & editors
  • Built-in commenting system with our News Comment Extension
  • Developed custom TYPO3 Blog extension 
Build Questionnaire Module

Build Questionnaire Module

To address these challenge and meet specific requirement, a custom Extbase/Fluid extension has been developed. This TYPO3 extension is designed to provide all the necessary features for questionnaire needs. We provided a smooth and hassle-free experience without any page reloads.

Better Backend Usability Options

We recognize the importance of a user-friendly experience for agencies like Paysafe. Our solution helps an intuitive and editor-friendly backend, allowing them to seamlessly manage and edit content for their clients. This empowers them to work efficiently and deliver engaging content to their users.

  • Backend Preview for Editors
  • 04+ Headers & Footer Selections Options
  • Added Grid Container System
  • Added 20+ Core TYPO3 Elements 
  • Provided detailed “Backend Manual”
  • Custom Theme Selection Options
Advance Filtration options

Advance Filtration options

With tons of blogs, articles, and pages, it's challenging to find specific resources. To address this issue, we've implemented an advanced filters. This not only filters blogs but also allows users to choose the type of content they're looking for with just one click. It's a feature that streamlines navigation and enhances user experience, making finding relevant information easier and faster.

Speedy Website with Better Loading Time

Speedy Website with Better Loading Time 

Paysafe required website that not only funcationally  work well but also performs faster when users are engaging with the website. That's why we take speed and performance incredibly seriously, ensuring the site stays lightning-fast from launch to future growth.

To give the website the best performance, we took a multi-layer approach. This includes installing a powerful TYPO3 extension to cache static files, optimize code, dynamically optimize images, refine database and server settings.

  • 80+ SEO Score On Desktop Device
  • 100% Accessible by user on All device
  • Optimized with Google Core web vitals

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