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BizOps Forum Community - TYPO3 Powered Digital Community Platform

BizOps is a network comprising the world’s best creative agencies, digital innovators, and ambitious technologists. BizOps stands for a stronger integration of business and IT operations. Forum builds a bridge between digital agencies with the rest of the company's departments via a team. As a digital agency, BizOps forum website needed a complete relaunch using the TYPO3 version 10 to create a component-based design system.

Words From Our Customers

Patrick Stamm

Patrick Stamm

Founder - BMT Fluid Control Solutions

We made a Typo3 project together with NITSAN and the communication, the tools and the work was always great. Good solution in time.

Project Requirements for Bizops

This project aims to completely TYPO3 website relaunch of BizOps website using TYPO3 version 10. The new website will be built on a component-based system, ensuring optimal performance and fast loading times. Security is a top priority, and the chosen CMS will not only offer superior content management capabilities but also provide robust security features to safeguard user privacy and data.

The following are the goals of the website

  • Enable Better Content Management Flexibility
  • Development and integration of the intranet
  • Utilise Azure CI/CD for Efficient Deployment
  • Optimise Website Performance and Reduce Load Time
  • Implement Engaging UX/UI Interactions
  • Develop website in TYPO3 CMS

More Than Just a Solution -  Delivered a Strong User Engaging TYPO3 Website

Addressing BizOps-specific TYPO3 needs, we offered a solution that allowed us to create an entire suite of mix-and-match components. These components could build different types of pages and worked to create a more personalised and relevant experience. We also introduced more dynamic content elements and blended visuals and text together to flow effortlessly from one section to the next.

TYPO3: That Perfect fits

TYPO3: That Perfect fits

To Achieve a complete website relaunch with a new CMS, we choose TYPO3. TYPO3 perfectly aligns with the website's needs by providing a flexible content management system, robust security features, and extensive content structures for building a reliable TYPO3 website. We offered a complete relaunch with TYPO3 v10.

Better Content Management

Better Content Management

The client was not very much familiar with how TYPO3 works and as so needed very simple where elements and content could be displayed and managed in an easy manner. We offered the following solution.

  • Developed 15+ content elements with easy customization options
  • Simple & easy backend layout options
  • Implemented Grid Container System
  • Provide  screen share demo
  • Implement TYPO3 Backend Preview Feature
Personalized Intranet Portal Development

Personalized Intranet Portal Development

Managing multiple agencies and their internal operations required a central platform that could handle diverse needs and provide different access levels based on seniority.

We developed a personalized intranet portal specifically for business operations (bizops), allowing easy management of agencies, forums, and data internally.

Prioritized Security First

Prioritized Security First

The client needed a more secure solution with robust security measures and GDPR compliance. They want to switch to TYPO3 CMS for a safer and more reliable platform

We Implement following Security Standards

  • Usage of TYPO3 Core Security System
  • Element 60+ High Potential threats
  • Implement GDPR Compliance system
  • Integrated 03+ TYPO3 Security Extension
User-Centric Website Development

User-Centric Website Development

From a technical perspective, the website incorporates many graphical elements with filters, labels, and complex design components that need to be customizable and mobile responsive. We use the latest front-end technologies like Bootstrap, SaaS etc and TYPO3 Fluid-based theme templates to improve templating.

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