How Much Does a TYPO3 Update Cost?

How Much Does a TYPO3 Update Cost?

The performance of a website largely depends upon the CMS and TYPO3 is considered to be one of the comprehensive website-building utilities.

TYPO3 is an open-source and enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS). It has a large global community, as the TYPO3 Association has approximately 900 members. This CMS platform was released in 1998. However, it became popular after the release of the third version and currently has multiple versions available (latest versions are 9.5.4 and 8.7.23). A new TYPO3 version is released every 2-3 years in order to update the software and to resolve the security gaps.

The latest updates are supposed to be installed into the systems using TYPO3 quickly after the release. An update can be carried out within a TYPO3 system if it is within a release, such as updating from 8.7.25 to 8.7.30. However, the sources need to be within the correct directory and the installation has to be a Linux version. The TYPO3 update cost depends upon various factors, such as the functional scope of the TYPO3 system or the type of updating.

What is TYPO3 update?

A TYPO3 update/upgrade is the renewal of the software of this CMS. These updates are supposed to be installed routinely and can be performed with/without the assistance of the TYPO3 agency. 

It is possible to divide the main structure of a TYPO3 version into 3 components:

  • Major version: the main version of TYPO3 is released every 2 years. It includes secondary versions with functional stabilizations and latest features.
  • Primary Minor version (labelled as LTS)
  • Secondary Minor version: Provide the LTS with security updates and patches

We have an ultimate guide on TYPO3 update/upgrade that includes a step by step guide with free TYPO3 upgrade/update kit.

Download Now: Free TYPO3 Update/Upgrade Kit

Reasons behind TYPO3 update

There are two main reasons for updating the TYPO3 main version.

  • Updating the security and legal software applications is mandatory according to the Telemedia Act.
  • The optimization of the technical features and the addition of new functionalities are optional. The necessity of this type of updating depends upon the relevance of the improvements.

Security & legal update

The operators of commercial websites are responsible for the technical topicality as well as security of the system and associated components. You will violate the Telemedia Act (§13 and §16) if you fail to comply with this requirement.

  • The §13 defines the obligations of a service provider.
  • The §16 describes the regulations on fines for violating these obligations.

Technical update

Updating the TYPO3 system enables you to benefit from using the latest technologies.

  • Technical updating reduces the operating costs, as the adjustments and latest developments based upon the outdated technologies may seem complicated to a user.
  • It is possible to continuously develop a technically updated system.
  • Technical updating improves the performance of the TYPO3 system, which is a ranking factor at Google.

The cost of TYPO3 update

There is no flat rate for the TYPO3 update. It usually depends upon the unique needs of each system as well as upon a variety of functions, such as templating methods, API connections, in-house developments, multi-domain website, integrated extensions, customizations, external shops or existing data-management systems.

The type of updating, such as minor-version updating or major-version updating, also influences the TYPO3 update cost.

Minor version (regular security) updates

The security patches for the latest TYPO3 version are installed and bugs are fixed when the minor version is updated. The latest updates are provided in regular cycles and the TYPO3 agency may ask for a monthly maintenance fee for this type of improvement. The cost of minor version update is 200 Euro to 400 Euro per TYPO3 website. It is possible to limit the cost of minor version updates if the technical optimizations are carried out routinely.

Main version updating

TYPO3 upgrading is supposed to be performed every 2-3 years. The main TYPO3 version is updated to the latest LTS version in this main version updating. The cost of updating the major version differs from one system to another. Therefore, it is not possible to calculate the exact cost without having all the information. Approx. TYPO3 update cost for main version to current LTS version is started with 5000 Euro. Two main components influence the cost of major version updating.

  • The effort required for updating the core.
  • The efforts required for updating the functionalities and extensions used in the system.


The end-users and editors both benefit from the minor-version and major-version TYPO3 updates. The users can easily navigate the websites and the editors can work faster with TYPO3 updating. Updating to the latest TYPO3 version (8.7) has the following beneficial features.

  • Improved user-interface handling with an engaging interface.
  • Improved social-media and SEO support
  • Image trimming and scaling features in the backend
  • A new and extensive wizard to create personalized forms
  • Better feedback from TYPO3 to the editor
  • Media links for referencing

If you are planning to update/upgrade your TYPO3 version to the latest version and want to know the exact cost, do not hesitate to contact us. We will happy to look at your website and provide you the exact estimation of TYPO3 update.

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