TYPO3 - A Perfect CMS for Everyone from CEO to Marketer

In the modern era of Internet technology, the digital content industry is rapidly booming. As a content creator or content manager, both independent and working with an organization, the most important task is to find a competent CMS to manage and modify all of your digital content.

TYPO3 - A Perfect CMS for Everyone from CEO to Marketer

For those of you who are wondering what that is, a CMS or a content management system is an application that enables you to handle the creation and management of your content and allows you to get an insight on its performance on the Web.

Depending on whether you are an independent content creator or you are working for an organization, your requirements for choosing a CMS would change. An enterprise content management covers a major portion of the demand market.

Enterprise content management is now such a critical component in supporting digital transformation that industry analysts project the market will reach $67.14 billion by 2022.

Who we Are?

When it comes to enterprise content management system, TYPO3 is one of the leading names in the industry. If you are looking for one-stop complete solution to all of your content management and modification needs, TYPO3 is the perfect tool for you. Your need might range from that of a start-up company to more corporate needs that comes from a large corporate setup. 

The TYPO3 CMS service is adaptive software which changes with the growing needs of your enterprise. Maybe your starting today, and your content management requirements are small but as you grow and your business case may change, you will never have to change your TYPO3 content management system, which adapts with your growing needs.

TYPO3 CMS is multi-tier software and is useful at every level of hierarchy and department in an industry. Ever since it was born in 1997, TYPO3 has been evolving ever since, and after over 20 years of service this open source CMS software has dealt with a wide array of management requirements and it is safe to say it has all of your content management and marketing needs covered.

How does it assist the CEO?

If you are the CEO of the company, this CMS is made to meet all of your business needs. TYPO3 CMS is open source software, which provides excellent return on investment, great security and also provides regulatory compliance support to the company in adhering to the laws and guidelines. Meeting your marketing requirements is a lot easier with the TYPO3 CMS. This makes it easier for your IT team to deliver the marketing feature, which can prove to be quite difficult using other systems. You want your customers to get nothing but the best seamless service.

The TYPO3 CMS provides them with superfast web pages and helps them to connect to a plethora of websites and languages. Being open source software, the TYPO3 CMS software comes free of cost, which allows you to use your budget more efficiently on designing and other spheres.

What about the CTO needs?

As a chief technology officer (CTO) in a company, you need to deliver updates and need to integrate innovative updates in to the system. TYPO3 is very potent open source software, which backs you up with a very professional, and skilled back end support and helps you meet various requirements of your company with proper implementations within the permissible time limit and company budget. The TYPO3 software uses modern GDPR tools and other components to provide a very robust security with the help of an efficient permission system and security hardening.

As a developer, the CMS helps you deploy the contents and code. As a developer you are often required to think out of the box and TYPO3 CMS software provides you with just that. With its highly scalable and flexible design, TYPO3 covers all kinds of requirements that your client might have and allows you to focus on innovation and delivering outstanding results and providing them with a complete experience.

What are the advantages for developers?

TYPO3 provides extensibility, flexibility and scalability to develop out-of-the-box solutions to customer. As a developer, you can make your marketing department happy by providing them all the SEO features. You can also find coding examples and detailed in depth documentation on https://docs.typo3.org/ that can help you to complete your project with ease.

Also, when it’s time for an upgrade, TYPO3 also provide full upgrade documentation for every version. We have also written a blog "The Ultimate Guide to TYPO3 Update/Upgrade" to make TYPO3 upgrade easy for developers. Moreover, the TYPO3 community is always there to help you with all your development issues. You can build connections, learn and grow as an expert TYPO3 developer by joining the community and a TYPO3 slack channel as well.

Did we forget the System Administrator?

Being a system administrator is one of the most vital tasks in an organization. Even though the particular roles might vary from organization to organization, the basic duties of a system admin include typo3 installing, supporting and maintenance of servers and other computer systems. They also need to pay a great deal of attention to system security. TYPO3 CMS software makes all that very simple for a system admin.

TYPO3 comprises of a community of highly skilled software professionals who work around the clock in developing and maintaining the content management system which is highly secure and comes with easy maintenance, deployment and implementation. With its strictly divided backend and frontend interface, the TYPO3 CMS provides with a strong accessibility permit setting and secure your website from hack attempts.

Wait a minute…. What about the Project Manager?

The entire handling, planning and delivering of a project, within the promised time frame is the task of a project manager. As a project manager, it is your task to plan and break down the whole project into deliverable task groups. This also includes maintaining the budget of the entire project. As mentioned earlier, being open source software, the TYPO3 CMS comes free of cost and is maintained by the very competent software team.

This allows you to invest your budget wisely and more effectively into other spheres of the project. TYPO3 is built keeping in mind the modern word internet with popular open source components like Symfony, PHP 7 and PHP-FIG PSR standards. It includes in-depth documentation and best practice coding tips for your developers.

Marketers connect your business to your audience with the help of content management systems and TYPO3 provides easy to use environment to create rich content for all marketing channels. Whether you need landing page or campaigns, scheduling content or want to analyze result, you don’t need a developer to do these types of your daily jobs. The community has already created all the solutions for the marketers – CRM, analytics, e-commerce, and much more.

We have you covered!

If you are working with a company, big or small, maybe as a developer or in an administrator role, TYPO3 CMS answers all of your business and marketing needs while maintaining the project budget and helps you deliver results within the designated time.

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