TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2024 May Edition

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2024 May Edition

Welcome to the series of TYPO3 insider scoops for May 2024. Sharing all the latest TYPO3 news and events of May 2024. In the month of May there are many events and announcements in the TYPO3 Community. So without wasting time, let's take a look at TYPO3 May Insider Scoop 2024 Edition!

We're Now a TYPO3 Gold Member

We're excited to announce that we've officially upgraded our membership in the TYPO3 Association from Silver to Gold! This exciting development reflects our growing commitment to the TYPO3 content management system (CMS) and our dedication to its continued success.

We're excited about this next chapter in our TYPO3 journey. As a Gold member, we're committed to provide the benefits of this membership to deliver even greater value to our clients.

Stronger Partnerships and a Brand New Website

We are happy to announce that our company is taking an exciting step forward for our German partners and offer you an improved experience with our brand new website NITSANTECH.DE We believe that these changes will strengthen our relationships with our German partners and allow us to reach a wider audience.

Results of Q1/2024 Community Budget Ideas

The TYPO3 community successfully implemented four projects funded by the community budget process in Q1 2024.

Rector Rules: This project makes upgrading TYPO3 easier by adding new Rector rules. The project is ongoing and will be expanded to support future upgrades.
Image Rendering: This project investigated ways to improve asynchronous image processing on the frontend. The team produced a technical document outlining potential solutions and is seeking community feedback.
Translation Handling: The TransFusion project simplifies managing translations by providing a clear view of relationships between languages and content elements.
ACL Improvements: This project adds the option to create predefined users and groups during the TYPO3 installation process.

TYPO3 Surfcamp 2024

Lisa-Maria Schedlberger and Julia Gruber shared their experience at the recent TYPO3 Surfcamp.

The camp was held in Fuerteventura for a week. Participants from nine European countries worked together on a new feature for TYPO3 v13.1. In the mornings, they learned about TYPO3 and coded. In the afternoons, they went surfing. In the evenings, they had social activities.

At the end of the week, each team presented their work. The results were impressive and the participants are proud of what they achieved. They also learned a lot about open source software and the TYPO3 community.

Overall, the TYPO3 Surfcamp was a great success and a wonderful experience for everyone.

T3CON Recap—Web Analytics: Balancing Data Collection, Privacy, and User Experience

This talk was about how website analytics have changed over time and the pros and cons of collecting a lot of data versus just collecting what you need.

The speaker, Alexander Veit, explained how web analytics used to be very basic but have become much more sophisticated in recent years. This is because web browsers can now track a lot more information about users, such as their clicks, keystrokes, and even where they move their mouse.

Veit argued that collecting all of this data is not always necessary and can actually scare users away from a website. He suggested that businesses focus on collecting only the data they need to understand how users are interacting with their website. This can be done by using a more streamlined approach to analytics.

There are some cases, however, where collecting a lot of data may be necessary. For example, a business that relies on advertising may need to collect data on user behavior in order to target ads more effectively.

Overall, the talk argued that businesses should carefully consider how much data they are collecting from users and only collect what they need.

Improve TYPO3 Error Log — Q2 Budget Idea Report

This report details an initiative by Raccoon Depot to error management in TYPO3. The current system suffers from limited information, lack of context, delayed actions, and absence of guidance for users.

The proposed solution is an error management extension that offers:

Detailed error insights: Including full stack traces and relevant data for comprehensive understanding.
Error grouping: Simplifying troubleshooting by grouping similar errors together.
Enhanced notifications: Timely alerts through preferred communication channels.
AI-powered suggestions: Empowering users with intelligent resolution recommendations.

This initial version will be implemented through the TYPO3 community budget for Q2 2024 and will serve as a foundation for further improvements. The team acknowledges valuable community feedback and expresses gratitude for its contribution. The overall goal is to streamline user workflow and empower them to handle errors effectively.

TYPO3 Image Rendering Improvement

This announcement highlights a new solution to optimize page load times and SEO performance in TYPO3. After considering various options, the implementation follows approach #3 outlined in a technical document: Generate Final URLs for Images Without Processing During Page Rendering.

Key benefits:

Faster page loads: Image processing is deferred, preventing it from slowing down initial page rendering.
Improved SEO: Final URLs for processed images are generated and included in page content, ensuring proper search engine optimization.
Publicly available: The solution is currently in an experimental state and accessible for review on the GitHub repository "Deferred Image Processing on TYPO3."

A New Chapter in Data-Driven Development

The TYPO3 community is launching the Stats Initiative to improve the TYPO3 content management system (CMS) through data collection. This data will be anonymous and focus on user experience, decision-making, and understanding user needs.

The initiative will start with a minimal viable product (MVP) that is opt-in for TYPO3 administrators. This ensures privacy and that data collection is targeted to specific issues. The data will benefit both the TYPO3 community and individual users.


In this month's TYPO3 Insider Scoop, we shared exciting news about our company becoming a TYPO3 Gold Member and a brand new website. We also covered the results of the Q1/2024 Community Budget Ideas, a recap of T3CON, and an initiative to improve TYPO3 error logs. Don't forget to check out the new solution for TYPO3 Image Rendering Improvement and the launch of the Stats Initiative!

See you in Next Month! Happy TYPO3 Reading!

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