TYPO3 Agency vs TYPO3 Freelancer - Whom to choose as TYPO3 Development Partner?

Over the last few months from TYPO3 inquiries and communications, One call turned into two, and now we think we've been asked multiple times the same question "TYPO3 Freelancer vs TYPO3 Agency - which is the better option?

TYPO3 Agency vs TYPO3 Freelancer - Whom to choose as TYPO3 Development Partner?

Each has its own benefits and places where it's appropriate. But as we talked and discussed with our clients with TYPO3 Projects about it, we realized that this an important discussion to take on the point and we hadn't ever written anything about the difference between TYPO3 Agency or TYPO3 Freelancers.

And so we thought we would try to give you our take on how to choose between a TYPO3 agency and a TYPO3 freelancer.

Please note,

The figure above shows the most common factors mentioned in the top 20 reviewed articles and how often they are mentioned as an advantage of a freelancer or agency respectively.

Helping Factors to decide if to Hire TYPO3 Freelancer or TYPO3 Agency

Please note:

The underlying data is not just mere information; it's analyzed data from the top 20 leading comparisons, and from some customer stories whose project had unexpected experiences.

But not everyone lies under these criteria TYPO3 Certified developers, Professional and TYPO3 freelancers with years of experience may surpass these criteria there but however it cannot be sure by less serious and under-experienced candidates.

It's not an attempt to offend anyone but to aware the TYPO3 Audience of the situations to help them make decisions on selecting their development partner.

TYPO3 Freelancer Vs TYPO3 Agency - whom to hire?

Here's our take to help you decide if TYPO3 Agency or TYPO3 Freelancer is better option for you- 

  • If you want to build a long-term relationship but need a variety of skills and development expertise, hire a TYPO3 Agency.
  • If you want to get small issues resolved, hire a TYPO3 freelancer.
  • If you want to manage your short term expenses, hire a TYPO3 freelancer.
  • If you want to manage your long term expenses, consider a TYPO3 Agency.
  • If you want to get started right away, hire a TYPO3 freelancer.
  • If you are open to a longer process and potentially a deeper dive into TYPO3 Expertise, hire an TYPO3 Agency.
  • If you want to accelerate your project, hire an TYPO3 Agencythat can put a whole team on your project.
  • If you want total control over the person and the code they're writing for you, hire a TYPO3 freelancer.
  • If you want to upgrade your TYPO3 Website, hire a TYPO3 Agency.
  • If you wish someone to continuously support, manage and maintain your TYPO3 website, go for TYPO3 Agency.
  • If your task is quick and short, go for TYPO3 Freelancer.

Why do TYPO3 Agencies Charge a bit more than TYPO3 Freelancers?

When you work with TYPO3 agency it is beneficial when it comes to project security ( as having more people potential to tackle the task and project manager in account), having potentially comparatively higher TYPO3 code quality as several TYPO3 developers perform code reviews. 

Moreover the TYPO3 development process includes automated TYPO3 testing and ongoing scalability given the diverse expertise of TYPO3 developers. That said, small businesses – non-profitable sites, businesses that just started up or marketing portfolios – may not yet be in need of a professional solution that performs better and scales further. Even though a poorly coded solution may have a massive impact on your SEO, user experience or general marketing strategy.

TYPO3 Agencies invest – directly and indirectly – in the ongoing professional development of front-end and back-end TYPO3 developers. Implementing several different strategies that improve the skills and the code quality of team in multiple ways, such as:

  • Several people working together on a project, helping each other and discussing different strategies to solve a problem.
  • Offer training courses, seminars, books and other educational materials that help team to improve knowledge and skills
  • Our technical leads follow different sources and spend time researching innovative technologies, libraries and tools that could improve our process – testing it for  internal projects first to gain expertise and validate assumptions.
  • Working with many TYPO3 Developers on the same team helps toward solving a large group of problems, with people who are experienced in different verticals, and this knowledge is further shared across the group.

And wrapping it up!

Yes, that’s it! I hope above all the prominent reasons hope you help you to make a decision and clear your confusion regarding hiring TYPO3 Agency or TYPO3 Freelancer for your dream TYPO3 Project or TYPO3 website.

If you have any questions, suggestions or inputs, leave them in the comment box below! We’re happy to talk!

Happy TYPO3 Hiring!

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