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Soulmate Mattress, a brand of Product Emotion GmbH, the leading mattress manufacturer and service provider in Dresden, wanted to connect with customers seeking restful mattress products. They want to develop a Fast performing and Visually Stunning website that can easily interact with users and improve the showcase of their products.

As the Largest Mattress Producer, they needed a user-friendly website that would:

  • Add On Scroll Animations for Better Data Representation
  • Showcase their products with high-quality visuals.
  • Develop High-Performance Website that Delivers the Best User Experience
  •  Built Consultation Module
  • Add Easy to use FAQ Section

Words From Our Customers

Marko Göls

Marko Göls

Head of Digital Projects

Very good tech company for TYPO3 projects and web projects of all sizes. Excellent communication skills, very good project management and implementation abilities. Transparent process and QA. Very motivated team and nice people, where you can build a trusted relationship. Thank you for your support!

Project Requirements from Soulmate

Soulmate aimed to enhance its online presence to better connect with customers seeking a restful night's sleep. As the leading mattress manufacturer and service provider in Dresden, Soulmate Group wanted to effectively showcase their products and services. Their main objectives were to develop a fast-performing website that is well-optimized to attract potential customers, utilize TYPO3 as a content management system for easy updates, and present their products with high-quality visuals.

  • Enhance User Satisfaction through Website Optimization
  • Easy Content Management Options
  • High Standard User Data Security
  • Develop Website with TYPO3 v12 for advanced features.
  • Better visual representation of Information
  • Content Management Flexibility

Fulfilling Soulmates Custom TYPO3 Needs 

As a first step, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the Solumate. What functions need to be added? How do the processes and work steps work? Who is involved? And how can users find the Them?

To Overcoming these challenges NISTAN and Soulmate collaboration gave a website that not only looked stunning but also functioned flawlessly. The Well Speed optimization transformed the site into a magnet for potential customers, while the user-friendly TYPO3 platform empowered Soulmate to manage their online presence with ease.

Scrolling Rotations Animations

Scrolling Rotations Animations

The team soulmate emphasizes the need for visually captivating animations and sliders to showcase their mattress products effectively. Our goal is to integrate captivating animations that not only convey information but also engage users seamlessly. 

Optimized with SEO Cares

Optimized with SEO Cares

We Created SEO-friendly website that ranks well on Google was a crucial challenge with a Large Number of Assets, Videos, and images. By focusing on SEO standards and utilizing advanced tracking concepts, we ensured that our partner's website achieved high visibility and success on search engine results pages.

Here we what we achieved

  • 90% Accessible on any device
  • 4.0K+ Monthly Visitors 
  • 80+ SEO Score
Simplified Backend Experience

Simplified Backend Experience

We understand the significance of providing a user-friendly experience for agencies such as Soulmate. Our solution offers an intuitive and editor-friendly backend, enabling Soulmate to manage and edit content for their clients effortlessly.

Solution we provide

  • Designed Easy to understand Backend Structure
  • Provided detailed “Backend Manual
  • Custom Theme Selection Options
  • Editor Friendly Backed Design with Backend Preview Options
  • Flexible Content Management Options
Implement Over 10+ TYPO3 Extension

Implement Over 10+ TYPO3 Extension

Soulmate Mattresses aims to create a website with a visually Impressive and engaging user experience, with a key focus on showcasing their products with high-quality visuals and animations that truly captivate website visitors.

  • Developed Custom ns_theme_soulmate
  •  Incorporating TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension
  • Added Grid Container System Extension
  • Utilizing TYPO3 Blog Extension
  • Over 04+ Custom Extension Developed 
  • Integrating and Developing Engaging Visual Animations
  • Added On Scroll Animations
Upgrade From TYPO3 v11 to v12

Upgrade From TYPO3 v11 to v12

By upgrading to TYPO3 v12, Soulmate Mattress achieved significant improvements to their website's security, content management capabilities, and overall performance. This ensures a safer and more user-friendly online experience for their customers, ultimately strengthening their brand reputation and contributing to continued business growth.

  • Over 40+ Content Elements
  • 12+ Elements Upgraded to Major Version
  • Added Latest TYPO3 Security Features
Telephonic Consultation Module

Telephonic Consultation Module

Soulmate wished for a consulting form module that's easy to understand and fill out. Users should also be able to reach them via telephone. To meet this custom need, we implemented the TYPO3 form module along with the TYPO3 calendar extension. This way, users can easily fill out the form and contact the Soulmate team.


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