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Quivo Detail Website: Leading Logistics Service Brand

Quivo, a leading online logistics service provider with offices across multiple locations (UK, Germany, US, France, Austria, and more), was formed through the merger of three top logistics brands: LOGSTA, Ancla, and the internal brand PackAngels. LOGSTA is looking for a TYPO3 partner who can completely relaunch their TYPO3 website. Their goals include significantly improving website loading times, incorporating impressive animations to enhance the user experience, and upgrading the website's functionality to utilize the latest version of TYPO3.

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Frederik Ventzke

Frederik Ventzke


NITSAN is a great team of developers. We have been working together successfully for over 4 years and have already got to know each other personally. Communication and quality deserve special mention. We recommend!

Detailed Requirements Analysis

The merger of top brands into Quivo means they need to move the entire website to TYPO3. We're bringing all websites together under the new brand. A key challenge lies in ensuring accessibility across regions, with support for country-specific languages .Implement a global style switcher function which can operate in diverse geographic locations with seamless user experience and fast loading website time for their customers.

  • Structuring and visualization of the extensive media content
  • Technically smooth Relaunch process for Website
  • New Website with a More Focus On Scroll Animations
  • Support Country Wise website colour adaptations  with a Global style switcher
  • Multi-Language support Based on Geolocation

Solution We Delivered

We built a visually-appealing and user-friendly website with TYPO3 extensions for Quivo. The new website is fast, SEO-friendly, and supports multiple languages. We also implemented a Global Style Switcher and impressive animations for a unique brand experience on their TYPO3 v12 website. 

Visually Captive Content Representation

Visually Captive Content Representation

To meet these unique needs, We implemented a strategic combination of over ten TYPO3 extensions. These extensions create a visually engaging and user-friendly experience with well-organized and easily readable content.

  • Developed Custom TYPO3 Quivo Theme
  • Added TYPO3 Blog Extension for authors & editors
  • TYPO3 Base Template & Share this Extension for Content Sharing 
  • 40+ New Pages Added 
  • 10+ TYPO3 Extension Integrated for visual information showcase
6+  Multi Languages Support

6+  Multi Languages Support

Offer multi-language support in 06+ or more languages(UK, EN, DE, FR, AT). This approach facilitates accessibility for global audiences, making communication and exchange more seamless and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of language barriers.

Introduced the Career Modules

Introduced the Career Modules

The team at Quivo Shared a custom requirement for the Carriers page. They aim to enhance user experience by integrating job listing details alongside a search bar and filtering options. To overcome this challenge we integrate our Popular TYPO3 Extension ns_personio that seamlessly integrates your job vacancies automatically into the Quivo website.

Relaunching with Latest TYPO3 Version 12

As three major leading brands merge to form Quivo, we've provided a comprehensive solution by fully functioning their TYPO3 website, ensuring compatibility with the latest TYPO3 Version 12. With a focus on high-end security features and flexible content management options,their team can seamlessly share and display their services on the website.

Global Style Switcher

Global Style Switcher 

Quivo Groups operates across multiple locations, each with its own unique identity. They needed a way to adapt the website's colours seamlessly as users navigate on thire website,We implemented a "global style switcher" function. This allows Quivo to define unique color schemes for each domain.

Impressive & Stunning Animations

Impressive & Stunning Animations

A big goal for Quivo's website is to be both engaging and impressive for visitors. They want the website to keep people interested and make a strong first impression.To achieve this goal , they're looking to add the best JavaScript libraries and stunning animations that make the website feel more interactive and keep visitors wanting to explore more.

Fast Performing Website with SEO Cares

Fast Performing Website with SEO Cares 

As a leading logistics service provider needed to boost sales, our focus was on enhancing website efficiency and speed. We addressed this challenge by offering solutions geared towards improving user interaction and search engine ranking. We did this by making it load faster, organising the navigation better, and ensuring it works well on all devices.

  • 100% Accessible On All Devices
  • Fast Loading time 
  • 120% User Increase session
  • 05k+ Monthly Visitors

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