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AHPV - Augsburg Hospice and Palliative Care Association

The AHPV is a Hospice and Palliative Care Association located in Augsburg, Germany. It's a network of over 60 healthcare facilities, providers, organizations, and associations within the city and surrounding district.The AHPV's primary focus is to support people and organisations working in hospice and palliative care. They aim to improve the lives of patients and their families in Augsburg by providing a variety of benefits and resources.

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Frederik Ventzke

Frederik Ventzke


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Challenges & Requirement by AHPV

The AHPV wants to connect more and more city patients and peoples by making it more secure and reliable. They also want to connect patient data across the website for a smoother user experience. Security is a top priority, so they want strong safeguards for patient information. Additionally, they'd like to showcase upcoming events in the Augsburg region with a dedicated calendar.

Website need to make it easier for users to donate and learn more about the association's work. This includes a custom shop module where users can easily browse and purchase products and books.

  • Develop Custom Event module for listing Association Events
  • Provide Filters for Events to find target group & event types
  • Develop Dedicated Admin Panel for easy Workflow
  • Structurize Website with easy navigation menu
  • Integrate Shop Module for Product & Books Showcase
  • Built Login/Sign up area for all
  • Built News Area for sharing insights and reports
  • Enhance user friendliness which Fast loading time

Overcoming AHPV’s Custom TYPO3 Needs

The overall goal of the website is to represent the AHPV Association for Hospice and Palliative Care services to the people of Augsburg. It aims to provide better healthcare, support individuals seeking various forms of care, and promote sustainable qualifications, research, and education in palliative care. We offered the following solutions to AHPV.

Easy Event Listing Area

Easy Event Listing Area

The AHPV Association wanted to display their monthly events on the website in a well-organized way. They needed detailed event listings with specific times, locations, and a search function.

To address this, we integrated an advanced event calendar extension with powerful filtering options. This allows users to easily find events based on

  • Target group
  • Event theme
  • Type of event
  • Event Provider
Built Online Shop Module

Built Online Shop Module

Initially, the website required a specific online shop module to display their products, books, and forms using check-in/check-out options. This feature would enable users to select specific products, view pricing, and make selections easily. To meet this custom need, we built an online shop module with the following features:

  • Display Pricing Options
  • Easy Product Selection
  • Check-In/Check-Out Options
  • Product Display & Listing
User Authentication Section

User Authentication Section

We developed a secure user login area for AHPV association members. This allows members to access exclusive information and resources on the website by logging in with their credentials.

We offred following solutions

  • Integrated session management functionalities
  • Implemented secure login mechanisms
  • Ensured compliance with data protection regulations with Cookiebot Extension
Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

The AHPV needed a website that was accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of the device they were using. We implemented standard technologies such as CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, and SASS. These technologies ensure the optimal performance of the website and enable users to access it easily across all devices.

Effortless News Sharing Platform

Effortless News Sharing Platform

The AHPV Association needed an easier way to share news and updates with the association members.We developed a convenient news sharing platform that allows the AHPV team to easily upload and publish updates and reports directly from the website's backend (administration area).

  • TYPO3 Blog Extension for News Listing
  • Advance filtration options for easy search options
  • News Layout Selection Options (Masonry, Isotope, Detailed)
Simplified backend experience

Simplified Backend Experience

We Simplified AHPV’S Content management needs , to simplify editor experience we developed Editor friendly TYPO3 Backend , which enables Editores to easily share association information , reports from backend. We implement following solution

  • Integrate TYPO3 Base Theme
  • Flexible Theme and Layout Options
  • Added Grid to container System
  • TYPO3 Backend Preview for editor
  • Used 30+ Mask Elements

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