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Does your TYPO3 website lack the functionality to achieve your specific goals?  Custom extension development is the answer!  Extend TYPO3's capabilities with functionalities as per your needs. Simplify workflows and improve the user experience for both website administrators and visitors. As your business grows and your needs evolve, your TYPO3 website should too. Custom extensions ensure your site can adapt and stay ahead of the curve. We can add custom features to your TYPO3 website. We've built over 40 extensions that work with TYPO3's core features. 

Following are our services for TYPO3 extension:

  • Create custom TYPO3 frontend plugins and backend modules with the TYPO3 LTS version.
  • Install and customize 3rd-party extensions from TER (extensions.typo3.org).
  • Update, maintain and review of installed TYPO3 extensions.
  • Compatible TYPO3 extensions with TYPO3 LTS or ELTS versions.
  • Migrate old TYPO3 extension from old-school Pibase to Extbase/Fluid.
  • Building an online store for your TYPO3 website using the popular Aimeos extension.
  • Begin development using our TYPO3 extension boilerplate to save time and reduce costs.
  • Follow TYPO3 core and extension development coding guidelines by following PHP PSR rules.
  • Automatic code review using lints like PHP, Fluid, TypoScript, SCSS and Javascript.


TYPO3 AI Extension

2002 4.8/5

Introducing the very first TYPO3 AI extension with helpful features to create and improve your website's content. Using this extension, you can do things like optimize content for search engines, generating AI-powered pages, translating content into different languages, getting assistance through chat, and accessing ready-made suggestions.

  • Writing content: The AI can help you generate new content or improve what you've already written.
  • SEO: The extension can give you suggestions to optimize your writing for search engines.
  • Translation: Need your content in another language? The AI can translate it for you.
  • Prompts and ideas: The extension provides helpful suggestions and ideas with our prompts.
Starts from €149
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T3 Slider Revolution

8389 4.6/5

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension is developed in Official Partnership with Slider Revolution and is compatible with TYPO3 version 12. Using TYPO3 sliders one can design their own TYPO3 pages as per their wish with the help of sliders, carousels, hero scenes or even the whole front page.

  • Drag & Drop editing: Simply drag and drop things around to build your slider, no coding needed.
  • Lots of pre-made designs: Choose from over 200 beautiful slider templates to get you started.
  • Even more effects: Add special effects and transitions to your sliders to make them stand out.
  • All the features you know: It includes everything from the popular Slider Revolution for WordPress.
Starts from €149
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TYPO3 News Comment

35881 4.9/5

The TYPO3 News Comment Extension is a tool that helps you add comments to your news articles easily. It works well with the latest version of TYPO3 V12. You can add a form just for comments on your news, make comments look like a conversation. It also helps you keep your comments section clean by letting you control which comments show up and blocking spam.

  • Threaded Comments: Add comments with Upvote and downvote options and nested comment threads with customization.
  • TYPO3 v12 Compatible: Now add and customise the new comments easily for your version 12 websites.
  • Comment Moderation & Alert:  Review and approve comments before they go live. Plus, get alerts for any new comments.
  • Custom Design/CSS Freedom: Customize the look and feel using CSS. Change colors, fonts, and layouts.
  • Comment Security: Admin can stop users from commenting too much from one IP address to prevent spamming.
Starts from €149
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TYPO3 Backup Plus

4329 4.5/5

Backup Plus TYPO3 extension for all your TYPO3 backup needs. Easily backup your TYPO3 code, assets, and database with just a few clicks! Connect with your Clouds/Servers like Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rsync, and more. Schedule unlimited backups using our smart-scheduler feature, integrated with the latest TYPO3 scheduler core and Symfony-based console.

  • Server & Cloud Backup: Compatible with your favorite Cloud/Server like Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rsync etc.
  • One Click Manual Backup: Easy to install and configure with few clicks. You may take a manual backup in one click. 
  • Custom Backup: You can schedule unlimited custom backups in a single click at your custom destinations using our smart scheduler feature.
Starts from €199
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  • Utilize our TYPO3 extension boilerplate for initial development to save time and reduce expenses.
  • Develop custom TYPO3 extensions using TYPO3 core such as Extbase/Fluid, Domain modelling, and Services.
  • Following PHP PSR rules, adhere to TYPO3 core and extension development coding standards.
  • Conduct automatic code review using lints for PHP, Fluid, TypoScript, SCSS, and JavaScript.
  • Proficiency in working with TYPO3 LTS and ELTS versions.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR/DSGVO regulations and guidelines throughout the development process.
  • Implement TYPO3 DevOps with Git CI/CD, Docker/DDEV, Composer, and Deployer for automated site deployment.
  • Have developed over 40+ TYPO3 extensions, with ongoing expansion.



Used modern TYPO3 Stack to deliver innovative solutions such as Domain-Driven Design, MVC Model, Automatic Code Review with Lints, Unit Testing, Extbase/Fluid, etc.

& Standards

We follow all Core TYPO3 standards including Industrial Standard Code & PHP PSR. We also ensure that our extensions are compatible & upgradable to the latest TYPO3 versions.

Extbase & 
Fluid Fluency

We use the Extbase, TYPO3's Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, for building robust and maintainable extensions. Our team is expert in Fluid, for user-friendly extension interface.


Our TYPO3 developers follow the strict TYPO3 coding standards and security best practices. This protects your website and ensures the ongoing safety of your data.

and Control

Your Extension is Your Intellectual Property You Own the Code and You'll have full access to the source code, allowing you to modify, adapt, and maintain it.


Our development process prioritizes performance and optimization to improve your website's functionality and user experience.

Gabriel Klopp

Gabriel Klopp

Tech Lead

Wonderful technology partner. They have the know-how and are very well organized. All projects have been completed to our complete satisfaction so far.



Being a TYPO3 Gold Member is more than just a badge - it's a testament to our expertise, reliability, and contribution to the TYPO3 community. We stand at the forefront of TYPO3 development, gaining access to exclusive resources, support, and opportunities for collaboration with fellow industry leaders.

Don't waste time searching for pre-built solutions.

Get a custom TYPO3 extension built just for you. We'll create an extension that meets your exact requirements, no compromises needed.


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A clear idea of the desired functionality of your extension is essential. This could include things like:

  • Specification Documennt
  • User interface (UI) requirements
  • Integration with other systems

The process will vary depending on the complexity of your extension, but it generally follows these steps:

  • Initial consultation and requirement gathering
  • Project planning and estimation
  • Development and coding
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Deployment and launch

After upgrading the TYPO3 core and compatible TYPO3 extensions, we upgrade them using Extension Manager.

For TER Extension Upgrade - If extensions are utilized from TER and are in outdated versions, we manually search extensions from the TER, download, and install them via composer after dependency check.

Alternate solutions for non-compatible extension - Depending on the situation, we choose one of the following solutions:

  • If a particular extension does not work, we try finding an alternative at TER.
  • If no extension is compatible with the latest version, we try to make it compatible with the latest version.
  • If none of the above works, we develop a custom extension to meet the requirements.

Yes, we provide ongoing support for your TYPO3 extension. This can include bug fixes, updates, and ensuring compatibility with new TYPO3 versions.

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