Why TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension is Must?

Discover the benefits of using TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension for your website's customer support needs. Improve response times, streamline communication, and enhance the overall user experience. Learn about the extension's features and capabilities, and how it can help you build strong relationships with your customers

Why TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension is Must?

Most customers in today’s era are looking for websites and businesses with excellent customer support. Whether buying a product or a service, people expect prompt and efficient service to ensure they are heard promptly. This is where the TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension comes in.

A helpdesk extension is crucial in improving the customer's overall experience when they visit your website and are looking for something specific. Such extensions are a central location where customers can submit tickets, track their requests, and speak directly to a customer care executive.

One of the major advantages of having a TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension is customer retention. Any customer is most likely to use the service on the website by providing easy-to-use self-service options. Furthermore, such extensions help to understand the customer's needs and preferences and analyze their desires.

Here are some stats to understand the importance of this TYPO3 extension.

  • 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.
  • 58% of American consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service
  • 35% of consumers find it very important to have a fully self-serve customer care option available to resolve their issues.  

Comparison of TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension (Free vs. paid)

Features Free Paid
Ticket Creation and Submission Available Available
Admin Configurations-
  1. Ticket Management
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Individual agent profile setup
NA Available
Form Settings-
  1. Create Customizable forms
  2. Customizable front end form and fields
  3. Enable/Disable custom form fields
NA Available
Misc Settings-
  1. Auto-tagging and assigning
  2. Ratings and comments
  3. Send custom field information via Email
  4. Frontend users have the convenience of choosing a custom form field group
  5. Render custom fields in Create and view ticket (by Frontend user)
NA Available


Features of Our TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension:

Since we are now aware of the importance of Helpdesk Extension, let us look at all the features that TYPO3 has to offer in its helpdesk extension. Here we go.

1. Unlimited Tickets & Agent

TYPO3 Helpdesk extension allows you to manage unlimited tickets and create any agent profile. This feature allows the system to handle a massive volume of customer support requests and ensures there are enough agents to handle these requests. It is perfect for large-scale organizations that have potential customer growth and, thus, the need to handle more customer requests.

2. Dedicated Help Desk Dashboard

To make the process easier and handle tickets efficiently, this extension offers a dedicated yet simple interface with a rich dashboard. Agents can check the total number of tickets, closed tickets count, customer reviews, Ticket search and filters, and much more. Overall, the dashboard helps agents to identify various areas of customer service and the system in a single frame.

3. Ticketing

TYPO3 Helpdesk extension makes it easier for the agents to respond to the tickets on the backend. Some of the features in this section include Customizable Ticket Fields, auto-tagging, and being able to create individual profiles for each agent.

4. Customizable Support Form

This extension offers you to create a customizable support form with multiple attachment fields. The form can contain the customer's name, email address, contact information, and more based on the necessary information the business needs to resolve the support request.

5. Email notification

One of the most important aspects of customer service is monitoring the tickets that are open, closed, re-open, etc. TYPO3 Helpdesk extension brings email notifications to the respected parties, both the agent and the customers.For example, when any customer creates a new ticket, an email notification will be sent instantly on the update. Similarly, the same is done with agents, where they can be notified when a customer sends in a new ticket and so on.

6. Triggers & Automation

Automation is the biggest advantage of these extensions, which makes work more efficient and easier. TYPO3 extension automates the process of notifying the agents and users of the new tickets, assigning tickets to respective departments automatically, and users can also add custom ticket statuses and categories.

7. Agent’s Satisfaction Rating

To run any service better, proper feedback plays a huge role. As soon as the customer has received the requested service, they will receive a service rating popup on their screens to provide feedback. This helps understand more about the agent’s performance and what needs further improvement.

8. Help Desk Support Pop Up

The Help desk support pop-up makes it easier for customers to submit their tickets within seconds of visiting the site. The entire process saves time and ensures a positive image for the customers when they do not have to spend hours looking for the support page.


TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension is the need of the hour for small and large-scale businesses. Not only does it plays an active role in providing overall customer satisfaction, but it also ensures customer retention. The above features are some of the major aspects that you will find in this extension.

You can get the free version or opt for the premium subscription with all the features listed above. To learn more, you can check out the official site.

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