TYPO3 v13 Roadmap Announcement- What's Coming Next

TYPO3 v13 Roadmap Announcement- What's Coming Next

TYPO3 v13 Roadmap Announcement

Hey there! TYPO3 has some cool news. They're spilling the beans on what they're aiming for and when, for the upcoming TYPO3 v13 releases. The first quick release is just about to drop, and they have got four more upcoming releases coming your way before the big LTS version in October 2024. Curious to know more? Keep reading to get the scoop on our exciting plans!

If one were to capture the essence of the TYPO3 v13 release series in a catchphrase, it would be characterized as 'Minimizing repetitive tasks and simplifying the day-to-day work of administrators and editors.'

This objective revolves around addressing two primary challenges. The first entails enhancing the user experience within the TYPO3 backend, aiming for simplicity, clarity, and guidance throughout the process. The second challenge involves streamlining and eliminating repetitive actions.

It is crucial to note that the information presented in this article is based on current plans, and all outlined details are subject to change. While the team has exciting and ambitious ideas, some aspects may evolve differently than anticipated.

The upcoming sections delve deeper into the plans for TYPO3 v13, providing insights into what users can anticipate in the forthcoming months.

TYPO3 v13 Goals: Making Things Easier for Everyone

Frontend Rendering Presets

After hearing from the community and chatting with users at conferences and events, they realized that some tasks in TYPO3 are a bit repetitive for backend users. Stuff like setting up sites, arranging layouts, and managing user permissions are common tasks that integrators do every time they start a new TYPO3 project. Then, they often have to train editors on how to add content to the site.

In TYPO3 v13, our plan is to make these processes simpler and reduce the everyday work for users. One idea is to have interactive guides, like wizards, that lead users through the necessary steps.

They also want to make these processes customizable and easy to copy for integrators. If an integrator or developer figures out a workflow for one client, they want us to be able to use the same setup for other clients easily. It's like having an export and import function for the configurations.

Enhancing Backend User Experience and Accessibility

Our commitment to TYPO3 includes maintaining the backend with the most current technologies and implementing the latest requirements for accessibility features. TYPO3 v12 LTS already boasts comprehensive functionalities in this area. The granular user access permissions and inherent privacy and security standards in TYPO3 have made it a preferred solution for governments and the public sector.

In our ongoing efforts to meet and surpass the stringent requirements of the public sector, they will persist in optimizing accessibility and updating the backend.

Upcoming Objectives

We at NITSAN are excited too about various ideas on our roadmap for the release series and, eventually, TYPO3 v13 LTS:

External System Integration:
New APIs are in the works to streamline the integration of external services like Google Analytics, Matomo, Facebook, and others.

Simplified Workspaces:
A user-friendly 'simple mode' will be introduced to enhance the usability of Workspaces, particularly beneficial for smaller projects and sites.

Image Rendering:
TYPO3's image rendering component will undergo an update to seamlessly support modern and cutting-edge image formats by default.

Content Blocks:
As part of the Structured Content Initiative, Content Blocks will receive improved, native support for custom, semantically structured content elements.

These are just a few highlights, and more exciting enhancements are in the pipeline.

System Requirements and Dependencies

Minimum PHP and Symfony Versions

TYPO3 v13 mandates a minimum PHP version of 8.2, a slight advancement from the 8.1 requirement of TYPO3 v12. This upgrade allows us to harness the capabilities of Symfony version 7, introduced in November 2023.... Yeah It's Exciting...!!!

Expect security updates for PHP version 8.2 to be available until December 2025.

Database Compatibility

Leveraging the flexibility provided by the database abstraction layer Doctrine, TYPO3 is compatible with various database servers and engines. In the upcoming TYPO3 v13, we intend to incorporate Doctrine version 4 (once it achieves stability). The following database engines will be supported:

  • MySQL version 8.0.17 or higher
  • MariaDB version 10.4.3 or higher
  • PostgreSQL version 10.0 or higher
  • SQLite version 3.8.3 or higher

Package Updates

With each significant TYPO3 release, they have the opportunity to update third-party dependent packages in accordance with our deprecation policy. In TYPO3 v13, they have plans to elevate the versions of the following packages:

  • Symfony to version 7
  • Doctrine DBAL to version 4

Releases Schedule and Release Dates

Team TYPO3 plans to publish all releases in less than 10 months.

DateVersionsPlan Details
30 January 2024TYPO3 v13.0Breaking changes and new system requirements
23 April 2024TYPO3 v13.1Reusable components for creating new sites
2 July 2024TYPO3 v13.2Content blocks and new APIs for integrations
17 September 2024TYPO3 v13.3Feature freeze
15 October 2024TYPO3 v13.4LTS-release

Support Duration

Their support plan for TYPO3 includes the following timeline:

  • Sprint Releases (v13.0 to v13.3): Support will be provided until the subsequent minor version is released.
  • TYPO3 v13 LTS (v13.4): Bug fixes will be available until April 30, 2026.
  • Security Patches for TYPO3 v13 LTS: Ongoing support will be extended until October 31, 2027.

Upcoming Plans

Keep an eye out for the release of TYPO3 version 13.0 in January 2024. This initial release will follow our standard practice of removing outdated and previously deprecated components and APIs. Stay tuned for continuous updates and enhancements, with each sprint release having further improvements over the next 10 months until the highly anticipated LTS release in October 2024.

Note: The primary source of this content is the TYPO3 Official Website.

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