TYPO3 V12.1: Everything You Need to Know-Features & System Requirement

While many of you are already learning about the new TYPO3 v12, CMS has launched the latest version with more stable and enhanced features, TYPO3 v12.1.

TYPO3 V12.1: Everything You Need to Know-Features & System Requirement

This new version has a lot to offer, including features such as “Reactions,” changes to the backend search function, new tools for a better visual experience, and so much more. This is only an overview of what you can expect from the new version 12.1.

To dive deep into these updates and enhancements, we tested them on our sites and created this guide to help you bring better insights into all the features.

TYPO3 Roadmap

Before we discuss what TYPO3 v12.1 offers, here is a roadmap to understand what TYPO3 CMS has in store for us and what is coming forward after the latest release.

Version Primary Focus Estimated Release



New system requirements and breaking changes Released: 2022-10-04

Interoperability with third-party systems

Released: 2022-12-06
12.2 Improved backend UI Estimated: 2023-02-07
12.3 Last-Minute Features Estimated: 2023-03-28
12.4 LTS Release Estimated: 2023-04-25


The next versions v12.2, v12.3, and v12.4 as stated by the roadmap are soon to be available with better Backend UI, specialized PHP and database features, and other features to enhance user experience.

Key Features in TYPO3 V12.1

While TYPO3 v12 is known to be the most potent version as of now introduced, v12.1 adds more to the list of better developer experience, security features, third-party integrations, etc. Let's look at the features that make this version stand out.

1. Improved Backend Search

When we talk about stability and making work easier for developers, one of the biggest and most significant changes brought to v12.1 is the improved Backend Search function.

  • Click on the search box on your dashboard and type in the keyword to search for anything across your database. This feature is perfect for an extensively massive website with hundreds of pages.
  • Use the search function to make it more comprehensive, such as adding #page or #product, which might make the search more specific.

2. Incoming Webhooks (“Reactions”)

Another essential update in the TYPO3 v12.1 are the Reactions. You can now configure TYPO3, which can automatically answer the webhooks. Although the feature had been there since v9, the process behind it had been lengthy and complicated. With the Reactions function, the idea behind it is to make it more flexible and easier to execute.

  • Function can be used in a low-code environment, where you can deploy it without writing a single code line.
  • Use the Reactions function on your site to reply to the incoming webhooks by following simple steps.

3. New Tiles View in the Filelist

The next feature is introducing the new Tiles View option in the file list. Some developers, such as yourself, might like the classic view of the file and folders arranged on the backend. However, there are other developers, too, that have other preferences, such as larger thumbnails.

  • Open the Filelist section from the left File menu and then choose View on the top. Here, choose between the Tiles view or List View.
  • Select between showing or hiding a thumbnail or clipboard on the screen.

4. More Details About Redirect Records

Instead of being lost in maintaining the Redirect records and keeping track of them, you can use the TYPO3 v12.1, which has managed to fix this issue.

  • Save the description of the Redirects using the Note section and add the description to make things less complained. 
  • TYPO3 auto-creates its redirects. This will help create a redirect from the previous page to the new URL you just changed.

5. Configuring File Mounts and Backend User Permissions Simplified

Having multiple users or developers in the backend can be tricky since each of them might have different permissions. However, to make things less complicated, TYPO3 v12.1 has simplified the process.

  • Admin can access a submodel of the Backend users section where they can view the Filemounts.
  • Get the details of each file mount and to whom they are assigned to.
  • Manage access and permissions firsthand for all users.

6. New Security Features

In the new update, you can now set the password conditions such as upper or lower case, numbers, letters, special characters, etc. Similarly, you can also define the length of the randomly generated string while setting up a strong password.

7. Accessing TypoScript Through a Request Attribute

Lastly, a major update was introduced to the core, where a new API was introduced. As a developer here, you can load the TypoScript in cleaner. Next, you can further make the necessary settings for the TypoScript.

System Requirements

Now that we have discussed the list of features made available in the new update v12.1, here are certain system requirements that your system must fullfill to run the update.

Furthermore, the system requirements of v12.1 are as same as v12. However, if you are new to this, here we go.

Operating SystemLinux, Microsoft Windows or macOS (this also includes hosting on all common cloud environments)
WebserverApache httpd, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Caddy Server
Supported Browsers

Chrome (latest)  

Edge (latest)

Firefox (latest)

Safari (latest)

ComposerComposer >= 2.1

MariaDB >= 10.3.0 <= 10.6.99

MySQL >= 8.0.0 <= 8.0.99

PostgreSQL >= 10.0

SQLite >= 3.8.3

HardwareRAM >= 256 MB
PHPPHP >= 8.1.0 <= 8.1.99

PHP Compatibility Report

Now that you have upgraded or updated your site to the latest version 12.1 Here is a list of the versions of PHP that are compatible.

PHP versions

TYPO3 v12

2021 - 2026

TYPO3 v11

2020 - 2024

TYPO3 v10

2019 - 2023

TYPO3 v9

2017 - 2021

TYPO3 v8

2015 - 2020

PHP 7.0

no no no no Yes

PHP 7.1

no no no no Yes
PHP 7.2 no no Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7.3 no no Yes Yes Yes

PHP 7.4

no Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP 8.0 no Yes no no no
PHP 8.1 Yes Yes no no no
PHP 8.2 Yes Yes no no no

Download and Installation

You can checkout all the steps needed to download and install the TYPO3. All the intro and process is mentioned on the official site. It is easy for beginners who may or may not have enough technical knowledge, such as coding in the backend.

What do you think about TYPO3 v12.1?

There is so much to talk about regarding the new update to v12. The security is enhanced, and a lot of attention and consideration has been given to backend users. What are you waiting for Upgrade your TYPO3 Store now!

Some of the highlights we loved were the ability to view files in the Tiles function, replying to Webhooks using Reactions, and all the features we mentioned above. Furthermore, in the coming years, there is much more to learn from the upcoming updates, such as TYPO3 v12.2, v12.3, and v12.4.

Stay Tuned for more!!

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