How To Quote A TYPO3 Project's Cost?

When do you ask for a TYPO3 project quote, how sure are you that the TYPO3 project cost stated is accurate? How to be sure that the TYPO3 agency or TYPO3 Freelancer is using a method, or just painfully guessing a good profit?

How To Quote A TYPO3 Project's Cost?

We get many calls from clients that are looking for a new website or from agencies that are opting for our outsourcing services. One of the questions we are asked is “How much do you charge for building a TYPO3 website?”.

This blog is for all TYPO3 Agency holders (big or small), Customers, Outsourcing seekers, and TYPO3 freelancers, focusing on an ideal way to quote price for TYPO3 Project development.

Factors to determine a fair price for the TYPO3 project

How to quote the TYPO3 project depends mainly on following things,

  1. Size of the TYPO3 project
  2. Choice of Design and features
  3. Level of Complexity of required functionalities
  4. The value, skills, and expertise you provide
  5. Important SEO, GDPR, and Speed Performance integrations
  6. Project management, communication, and value to your prospective clients.

For large B2B companies, visitors already know about the company or come back to visit multiple times. Visitors will then want to find information that is well written and organized, making the presentation of content the most valuable factor of the site. Probably in combination with a visually appealing design that communicates high quality.

If your agency can deliver the value, you can price your website projects accordingly. The number of templates on the site, the time it takes to code it, or the price your client “had in mind” could be far from what your efforts and charges.

Efficient TYPO3 Quoting

“Find out what your clients need and fill them better than anyone else, and you’ll dominate your entire market.” – Lisa Macqueen

In order to quote effectively, you must do some on-net research about the standard pricing and cost of different assets that might be used in the project.

Apart from the above-mentioned point, you must note down points that may be an addition to your charge for the clients.

  • Project Management time
  • Design & Development time.
  • The cost of any purchase like premium plugins & plugin license.
  • The cost of any other resources such as stock photographs etc.
  • Estimated extra time for some work that is quite new to you (In case the client wants you to work on such plugins or themes you’re not familiar with, so estimated time to learn about their functioning).
  • The cost of server space or hosting or registration of domain if required.
  •  The list of these elements can incredibly guide you to set realistic and accurate prices for your services.

Strategies for how to quote TYPO3 Project

There are different approaches to quoting a website project, some more common than others.

Hourly rate

Most agencies will have an hourly rate that they apply to most of their work, and figure out the time it takes for all their team members to complete the project.

Many small agencies will apply the same rate for the work of all their team members. 

As with TYPO3 freelancers and small agencies, you’ll be able to charge a lower rate they normally have smaller overheads. But in many cases, if their expertise matches that of a larger agency, they’d be essentially providing the same value as a potent TYPO3 agency would.

Fixed-price projects

An appealing strategy to many smaller TYPO3 agencies is creating fixed-price TYPO3 service packages just like Fiverr Gigs. For example, the simplest TYPO3 website will be $499 with very limited options and a templated design, while the custom heavy TYPO3 site will be $5000+.

The packaged TYPO3 offers are effective for communicating with smaller businesses that don’t have much experience in ordering marketing services, and that want a predictable cost and result.

A best suitable model for the fixed defined requirements and fixed offered cost.

Agency will be responsible to complete the work in the offered cost and timeline. In this model, The project will be executed in the defined scope of work.

Time and Material

The most suitable project model when the client has a miscellaneous amount of tasks for one or more than one website.

Clients will buy the hours upfront at a fixed price and utilize them as per the requirement. 50 Hours to 500 Hours package with discounted prices

A dedicated Project Manager will be allocated to notify clients about daily work updates, utilized, and balanced hours and a team of TYPO3 agency will work according to the instruction and assigned tasks by the clients.

Dedicated Resource

Hiring dedicated resource aka dedicated TYPO3 developers are best suitable when the scope of the project could not be strictly defined and requirements can be changed during the development process. The main purpose of this model is to hire a team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as your own.

The extensive hiring models will provide you with the flexibility to directly communicate with your dedicated developer, assign work, and monitor the overall progress. You can quickly build up your TYPO3 team, develop your website or gain onsite support to meet your business objectives with your choice and need of developers.

The dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system: there are monthly payments that depend on the team size.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA for continuous maintenance and support for the website. There will be a monthly defined cost to execute the planned activities for each month.

The model includes activities like backup/restore, website maintenance, TYPO3 upgrade, resolving bugs/errors, security monitoring and updates, speed, and performance of the website, etc.

Scoping a TYPO3 project

Regardless of your strategy for how to quote your website projects, it’s a good idea to figure out how much time you’ll need to put into it.

Most agencies will draw from experience, but that’s not always a guarantee that they end up with a good estimate. Make it a practice to create a breakdown of the hours needed from each role.

TYPO3 Web design

We’ve seen agencies spend anywhere from 4 hours to 12 weeks to create web designs or an hour to study the design provided by customers. The first task in PSD to TYPO3 is to slice down all the images & elements for further proceedings. The professionals cut and divide the existing PSD image file. This converts the file into several design files and each one of them contains multiple design components of the complete design.

We follow the standard method of slicing and image optimization so that developers use them accordingly during development.

My two recommendations are:

  • Learn how fast your designer is
  • Study the design files and prepare technical documentation
  • Set clear expectations with your client regarding how many iterations are included in their price
  • The fastest way to stop the change requests from coming in is to tell them it will cost extra. 

TYPO3 Development Costs

The Foremost thing for TYO3 Project includes front-end and backend, i.e Front end development and TYPO3 backend development.

Obviously, each TYPO3 project is different, but some main factors drive development time and costs:

  • Number of unique page templates
  • Sections per page
  • Content moving
  • Features – Front-End
  • Features – Back-End
  • Using those factors you can break down a range of projects, from a simple brochure-like website to a multifunctional e-commerce platform. 

QA Testing & Project management

Last but not least, make sure to consider the time you’ll need to spend on project management and client communication. Failing to charge for management time can hurt your profit and project performance for customers too, and if someone does not charge you about project management, testing and deployment be confident makeup for it with a higher hourly rate.

TYPO3 Project Estimation Quote Template

Final thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of what to consider your TYPO3 agency charges for a TYPO3 project. 

Your niche, overhead costs, experience, and sales proficiency are a few of the factors that affect what rates and timelines will apply to your project.

It is good to have someone with a better team of Certified TYPO3 developers, Expert front-end developers, QA team, and project managers but of course at a standard feasible rate.

Do you have any queries? Have an idea and need estimation?

Checkout our TYPO3 development services and drop us a message ;)

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