TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 November Edition

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 November Edition

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Hello TYPO3 readers! Are you eagerly awaiting TYPO3 News and Updates from the TYPO3 community? Well, your wait is over now. We are back with another fantastic TYPO3 insider scoop edition.

This month has been an Exciting Month for the TYPO3 community. We covered the From Community Ideas Budget 2024 to TYPO3 Summer Camp in France and Much more interesting Facts. So, without further waiting.

Let's take a quick look!

Exploring TYPO3 in Papua New Guinea - A Weekly Report

After a successful TYPO3 Exploration in Rwanda, TYPO3 is now exploring Papua New Guinea. The first two days in Papua New Guinea were far broader than discussing a website strategy around a CMS. The team received an introduction to the current situation and future goals of Papua New Guinea's digitalization. They also gained insights into the experience with, and the benefits of, IT clusterization.

The purpose of this meeting is to foster business growth through collaborative efforts, combining expertise to undertake larger and more complex projects. It also serves as a strong foundation for locally-led public-private partnerships and financial development.

TYPO3 consistently provides real-life examples, and for that, TYPO3 established a Public-Private Partnership for government websites in Rwanda. TYPO3 also introduced Open Source Communities as the third partner. In Papua New Guinea, where their clusterization policy is in place, the TYPO3 team met with leaders of the burgeoning Port Moresby IT Cluster. Winifred Kula and Priscilla Kevin emerged as two knowledgeable and energetic local entrepreneurs who truly recognize the collaborative benefits it can bring to the local IT scene.

As Papua New Guinea combines its digitalization strategy, it aims to establish the NTS (National Technology Stack), and TYPO3 has this technology stack to support institutional websites.

Diesel-Powered Network Services

To provide the best possible services, it is important to collaborate with many people involved in Papua New Guinea. However, it is challenging to acknowledge that only around 32% of the Papua New Guinea population has access to the internet, and active users are less than 12%. This is not just due to the lack of good infrastructure, but internet access in Papua New Guinea is very expensive, and unreliable electricity makes generator fuel a considerable added cost.

Poor internet connections necessitates prioritizing website performance and optimizing data for any website project. Additionally, the data indicates that a significant portion of the population accesses websites using their mobile devices.

Presentation Day

Throughout this week, Mathias Bolt Lesniak initiated sessions by discussing fundamental concepts of open source and key features of open source software. In this engaging series, Steve introduced the core functionality of TYPO3 Forms from both the Editor and Site Administrative perspectives. Finally, Mathias Bolt shared the outline and history of the TYPO3 Project, along with its governance structure. Also, on Thursday, the TYPO3 Team delivered a fascinating presentation, with 50 carefully selected individuals participating in this event. if you want to know more about the TYPO3 Weekly Report in Papua New Guinea, Read more.

Community Ideas Budget 2024 Proposals

The TYPO3 Association recently launched the Community Budget Process for 2024. TYPO3 is transitioning from an annual idea submission for the yearly budget to a quarterly budget. The aim of this proposal is to streamline the process, facilitating faster voting and implementation of ideas. The ideas budget is in addition to team budgets and other budgets of the TYPO3 Association.

For that, TYPO3 Defines Fixed Amounts for Applying Teams:


If a budget idea is approved, the recipient must complete the project by the end of the first quarter of 2024. The Business Control Committee (BCC) will assess the idea's outcome, and if the goal is achieved, the budget will be disbursed. Each recipient will be assigned a mentor by the BCC to provide assistance in areas such as budget management, project planning, communication, and community connections. The objective is to offer support to ensure the successful completion of the idea for the benefit of the TYPO3 Community.

What are the Basic Rules for Ideas:

  • The resulting idea must be publicly available.
  • The outcome of the idea should benefit the TYPO3 Community and TYPO3 Projects.
  • Ideas should not directly generate funds for the applicant or enable the applicant to earn from it.

The BCC will review all the applications. If applications are intended to be submitted jointly with a team or another community member, They will reach out to all parties and engage in discussions on optimizing the execution of the idea.

For more additional information about the funding and finances of the TYPO3 Association, as well as the process for submitting budget ideas. Click here - Call for Community Ideas Budget 2024.

First Ever TYPO3 Best Practices Remote Sprint !

In November, TYPO3 organized its first-ever Best Practices Remote Sprint, which took place on November 27, 2024. This remote sprint provided a great opportunity for learning and collaboration among all TYPO3 enthusiasts.

The event occurred on November 27th, 2024, starting at 11 AM (CET) and concluding at 5 PM. This sprint was fully remote, with all participants connecting through the TYPO3 Slack channel - #best-practice-team. This Engaging TYPO3 Remote Sprint is hosted by Daniel Sipemann.

The topics covered during this sprint were:

  • Fix all bugs
  • Cleanup
  • Make the extension conform to the best practices
  • Set up functional tests for requests
  • Implement changes related to docs
  • Set up acceptance tests
  • Set up template for the CPS project builder
  • Compatibility with current main


Participants of this sprint will learn by Following:

  • Using GitHub as a Git hosting and CI platform.
  • How to catch and fix bugs, covered by tests.
  • Best practices for extension development.
  • Fast end-to-end tests via TYPO3 testing framework functional tests

If you missed this opportunity, don't worry! TYPO3 plans more remote sprints in the future, so you can join the TYPO3 Slack channel for upcoming sprints and find more information on these remote sprints from the Best Practices team.

TYPO3 12.4.8 and 11.5.33 security releases published

Following TYPO3 Security updates have been released:

  • TYPO3 12.4.8 LTS
  • TYPO3 11.5.33 LTS

This security release primarily focuses on addressing important bug fixes, such as TYPO3-CORE-SA-2023-005 (Information Disclosure in Install Tool) and TYPO3-CORE-SA-2023-006 (Weak Authentication in Session Handling), among others. TYPO3-CORE-SA-2023-005 deals specifically with mitigating the risk of information disclosure within the Install Tool, reinforcing the platform's defense mechanisms. On the other hand, TYPO3-CORE-SA-2023-006 focuses on strengthening authentication in session handling, a pivotal aspect of safeguarding user data and system integrity.

Read the full details here: TYPO3 November Securities Releases

Pioneering the Next Era of FOSS Content Management

Major open-source giants Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress have jointly announced a proposal call for the very first Dev Room Track at FOSDEM 2024. The main purpose of this proposal is to facilitate discussion, learning, and collaborative work on issues that significantly impact FOSS CMS projects.

TYPO3 Summer Camp in France

The TYPO3 Summer Camp for the year 2023 took place in France from October 6th to 8th. Despite being the smallest TYPO3 Camp ever with just 25 attendees,  During this event, the TYPO3 Team had the opportunity to connect with the French Team, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. The Summer Camp featured a series of engaging talks, quiz games, and fruitful discussions. These activities not only enhanced the participants' understanding of TYPO3 but also created a platform for networking and sharing insights.

Overall, the TYPO3 Summer Camp in France served as a platform for both the TYPO3 Team and the French Team to come together, exchange ideas, and contribute to the continued growth and development of TYPO3.

Calling All The TYPO3 Enthusatics to Share their Sales Experience

Yes, you heard it right! TYPO3 is inviting all TYPO3 enthusiasts to share their TYPO3 sales experiences, and this initiative was introduced by the TYPO3 Marketing Team. The main aim of this initiative is to address this topic and create a better sales experience for all TYPO3 enthusiasts.

By sharing your insights with the TYPO3 Team, they gain ideas to enhance your sales experience in a better way. These inputs are beneficial not only to TYPO3 beginners but also to professionals alike.

You can fill out this form to share your experience: TYPO3 Sales Survey

T3Planet’s Latest TYPO3 Releases 

T3 ReactBootstrap Template - The fully-featured multipurpose headless TYPO3 template is specially designed using the best technology stack, such as React.js and Next.js, with contemporary aesthetics and lightning-fast loading times.

Features of T3 Reactbootstrap:

  • Flexible TYPO3 Headless template
  • Visually Stunning Admin Panel
  • Compatible with the Latest TYPO3 v12
  • Supports Multi Languages

 Know More    Buy Template

TYPO3 Personio Extension - The TYPO3 Personio extension is specially built to seamlessly integrate your job vacancies automatically into your TYPO3 website. This extension comes with lots of premium and free features that eliminate your job listing problems on your TYPO3 websites. Plus, it is TYPO3 v12 compatible! Download the extension now!

Download Extension


In conclusion, the TYPO3 community has been buzzing with activity in November, offering a wealth of updates and insights, From the innovative Community Ideas Budget for 2024 to the groundbreaking Best Practices Remote Sprint. The TYPO3 Summer Camp in France and the call for sales experiences add a personal touch, fostering community engagement.

Overall, TYPO3 continues to evolve, innovate, and contribute significantly to the world of open-source content management.

Thank you for Your Precious Time and Attention. We Will be right back next month with many more Insider Stories! If you feel we have missed anything do spot us in the comments section.

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