TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 August Edition

We are back with the latest update and news from TYPO3 Community right from the Month of August 2023. The month of August has a lot, Our presence across various TYPO3 events, reports, version release, Awards and much more. So, let's get Going!

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2023 August Edition

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TYPO3 Conference 2023

T3CON23 will be held on 12–13 October 2023, Duesseldorf, Germany.
The upcoming 2023 TYPO3 Awards Gala and 15th TYPO3 Conference are on the horizon. The TYPO3 Project is introducing this year's jury, consisting of six professionals who will evaluate TYPO3 projects in various categories.

  • Janus Boye, Group moderator, Founder & lead, Boye & Company
  • Felicity Brand, Tech Writer | Tech Editor, Open Strategy Partners
  • Baddý Sonja Breidert, CEO and Co-Founder 1xINTERNET & Drupal Association Board Chair
  • André Kraus, Online Marketing and Web Development, GMK | TYPO3 Content Types Team Lead
  • Benjamin Mack, CTO and Co-Founder at b13 | TYPO3 Core Team Lead
  • Phindiwe Nqanqaru, Full stack developer | Co-Founder, BabesGotBytes

For more visit: https://t3con23.typo3.com/

GitLab’s Built-In TYPO3 Project Template

GitLab 15.7+ includes a TYPO3 template for both gitlab.com and self-hosted setups. It's designed for professionals, featuring a deployment process using Composer and GitLab CI.

Being TYPO3 at the Transform Africa Summit, 2023

The Transform Africa Summit (TAS) is a significant conference for digital transformation in Africa, held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe in April 2023. TYPO3 participated alongside government officials, industry leaders, and stakeholders.

At TAS, TYPO3 engaged in networking, exploring new opportunities, and meeting with government representatives from Rwanda, which has adopted TYPO3 for over 270 websites. The summit highlighted cooperation, collaboration, and sharing, aligning with open-source values.

With a focus on strategic, long-term use of open source software, TYPO3 aims to support Africa's digitalization by fostering strong communities and sustainable projects. TAS led to discussions with representatives from various African countries, opening doors for new collaborations and initiatives. Read More.

TYPO3 12.4.5 maintenance release published

The new version 12.4.5 of TYPO3 CMS is out now. It's a maintenance release with bug fixes. No need for database changes.

Motivation Research Team Status Report — July 2023

Here is the Glimpse from their report;

Motivation Research Team Update:
Our team has evolved! Formerly known as the Gamification Working Group, we're now the official Motivation Research Team.

Our Mission:
We're dedicated to enhancing motivation, focus, engagement, and productivity in volunteer communities, like TYPO3. We delve into motivation, psychology, group dynamics, and more to create practical concepts.

What's New:
Shifting from gamification, we're focusing on motivational psychology in non-profit communities. Our name change reflects this. We're now a recognized TYPO3 team.

Goals for Now:
Our 2023 goals include training more members in motivational psychology, creating usable motivation concepts, and spreading awareness at events.

New Faces:
We're excited to welcome Ann-Kathrin Wermekes and Yasmin Haustein after TYPO3Camp Mitteldeutschland 2023.

Join Us:
Curious? Join us on Discord every second Wednesday or connect on TYPO3 Slack's #motivation-research channel.

Report from the Best Practices Team

This report is a summary of the Best Practices Team's activities over the last six months. You can find all the details and ongoing work in the EXT:tea example extension on GitLab and GitHub.

This report focuses on the major topics, not every single change.

Team Formation and Budget Application
Becoming a team involved various steps, from understanding the rules, drafting our team concept, creating our team page, to discussions with the Data Privacy officer. We also sorted out budget and data privacy documentation.

Collaborative Efforts
We worked towards collaborating with other projects for best practices. While demo.typo3.org was a potential partner, their task was fulfilled, and we now cooperate with the typo3.org Team. We're making demo.typo3.org a model for best practices, providing the TYPO3 community with both extension and project examples.

We changed our meeting time to enhance cross-team interaction. Both typo3.org and our team are in need of more contributors. Reach out if you want to contribute.

Compatibility with TYPO3 v12
Our extension and project are compatible with the latest TYPO3 v12 LTS. Thanks to all contributors.

New Features in EXT:tea Extension
We added new features to the extension, some for training, others for TYPO3 Documentation. Highlights include:

  • Hiding tea records based on fe_groups
  • CRUD functionality
  • Localizability of records
  • Automated dependency updates
  • Improved Team Dynamics

This report summarizes the Best Practices Team's six-month efforts, found in the EXT:tea extension on GitLab and GitHub. We focused on team formation, collaboration, v12 compatibility, new features, and improving teamwork. Thanks to contributors Łukasz Uznański and Oliver Klee. Join us on Slack at #qa-best-practices. 

Recap of the Joint FOSS CMS Community Meeting

Representatives from major content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress, and OpenForum Europe gathered to discuss the European Union's proposed Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) and its potential impact on open source software. They highlighted the importance of cooperation among these projects. The CRA aims to enhance cybersecurity in the EU, but its current form could hinder the practices of open source communities. These organizations are collaborating to address challenges and potential legislation in the future. The TYPO3 Association has posed eight questions to the community for input on improving the CRA. Read the full story here.

TYPO3 Instance Reaches WCAG 2.1 Standard Through BITV Test

The TYPO3 Project has achieved a significant development milestone with the official accessibility of the TYPO3 Bootstrap Package's frontend theme. The package successfully passed an accessibility test conducted by the German certification body BIK. This achievement was made possible through collaboration with the TYPO3 community and CPS agency to meet international standards like WCAG 2.1 and EN 301 549. The certified Bootstrap Package, built upon the Bootstrap CSS Framework, enhances digital accessibility, benefiting users with disabilities by making digital content more inclusive and usable.

TYPO3 Fully Translated to Arabic

Abdulhamid Kwieder, a community member, announced on TYPO3 Slack that he's translated the whole TYPO3 backend to Arabic.

Being TYPO3 at DrupalSouth

This year's regional Drupal conference took place in Wellington, New Zealand. TYPO3 participated to discuss open source collaboration and gain inspiration from nearby developments. Attending as part of the Meet TYPO3 initiative, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, a TYPO3 Association board member, shared insights about the event.

The conference, called DrupalSouth, occurs annually in Australia or New Zealand. This year, it was hosted in the Embassy Theatre, Wellington's iconic cinema. The event featured keynotes, diverse tracks, and networking opportunities. Mathias presented on open-source collaboration, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between CMS projects.

Notably, both Drupal and TYPO3, despite their differences, share common dependencies. Talks also highlighted CMS usage in government sectors, with Australia favoring Drupal and New Zealand utilizing the open-source platform Silverstripe. Mathias concluded by meeting with the local TYPO3 agency, Ocular, and underlined the significance of evolving with technology while staying rooted in core values.

IONOS Becomes Patron Sponsor of the 15th TYPO3 Conference 2023

The upcoming TYPO3 Conference on October 12–13, 2023, at Areal Böhler, Düsseldorf, has IONOS as its Patron Sponsor. IONOS, a leading web hosting and cloud service provider in Europe, is supporting the event's 15th edition. Their role as main sponsor ensures a memorable conference experience.

IONOS, a committed hosting provider, empowers businesses with effective TYPO3 projects. The conference gathers industry experts, government representatives, and TYPO3 enthusiasts. Highlights include a keynote by Nicholas Janni on Whole-Self Intelligence.

Stefan Erkeling, Head of Community Relations at IONOS, emphasizes collaboration and open-source support. CEO Daniel Fau from TYPO3 GmbH expresses gratitude, looking forward to a fruitful partnership.

IONOS' Patron Sponsorship provides visibility and networking opportunities. Attendees can engage with IONOS representatives, and explore hosting services, and cloud tech advancements.

About IONOS: A leading European SMB digitalization partner across 18 markets, offering web services, e-commerce, online marketing, and cloud solutions.

About TYPO3: An open-source enterprise CMS empowering digital solutions.

TYPO3 Extension Release from TYPO3 Store

T3Planet has launched 2 wonderful TYPO3 extensions;
TYPO3 CookieYes : Free and wonderful extension that helps you achieve global compliance effortlessly. With support for an extensive range of data protection laws, including GDPR (EU & UK), LGPD (Brazil), PIPEDA (Canada), POPIA (South Africa), nFADP (Switzerland), Privacy Act (Australia), PDPL (Argentina), PDPL (Andorra), and DPA (Faroe Islands) and more. 

View Extension

TYPO3 Zoho Extension: Free TYPO3 extension that Integrates TYPO3 Forms with Zoho. Helping you automatically synchronize your data from forms to CRM. It migrates your data in real-time making it an ease. It comes with various features like Form Mapping, Module selection, Transferring hidden values, Module selection and much more.

View Extension

Other Highlights

  • Queo became a Platinum Member of the TYPO3 Association, elevating its support from Gold in June 2023.
  • Get ready! The 8th TYPO3 University Days will happen on 19-20 September 2023 at h_da University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, Germany. It's a chance for universities and research centers to gather in person again.


If you have come so far, I am sure you have enjoyed our blog on TYPO3 Community updates! Thank you for your time and attention. Will be right back next month with much more Insider Stories! If you feel we have missed anything do spot us in the comments section.

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