Noteworthy Achivements in NITSAN's TYPO3 Journey

With years of constant dedication and efforts, NITSAN, the TYPO3 Agency has focused on delivering the best possible customer experience by amazing business solutions and finally it made us the top-notch IT service providers.

Noteworthy Achivements in NITSAN's TYPO3 Journey

In the duration of 9 years, NITSAN has strived hard to achieve every milestone to contribute to TYPO3 like to be the Official partner at TYPO3 GmbH, TYPO3 certified integrator, silver member in TYPO3 association, iTug India, TYPO3 accredited digital agency and certified TYPO3 Consultant with rich experience as Software Developer in TYPO3 Platform overseas.

It gives us immense pleasure to recall all the achievements and milestones that we have achieved from scratch to date.

First ever TYPO3 Award winning Agency Beyond Europe!

Won TYPO3 Award - 2018

NITSAN was nominated for Best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website of the year award for payment solution venture “Paysafe”.

Moreover, NITSAN is the only TYPO3 Agency to win a TYPO3 award beyond Europe! We owe this trophy to our hard work and team!

Don't miss to checkout, 

Blog by CEO of TYPO3 Mathias Schreiber on TYPO3 Award Winners

Interview Jam sharing our experience at TYPO3 conference

Nominated for TYPO3 Award - 2019

Again for the year 2019, NITSAN has been nominated for TYPO3 award at International TYPO3 official gala for one of our adventure TYPO3 website "Nakina Adventures"

NITSAN is TYPO3 Authenticated!

Silver Member in TYPO3 Community

NITSAN Technologies owns the TYPO3 Association Silver Membership for opportunities to contribute and get more involved in the TYPO3 world as for the yearly T3A General Assembly, became official voters (EAB, BCC) and took part in yearly budget plans. 

This silver membership takes us a step forward by involving us to guarantee future advancement of TYPO3 by providing our regular services in terms of the development of extensions, templates and to be the sponsor of TYPO3 events.

Have a look on our achievement to get listed on the TYPO3 Association membership

TYPO3 Agency solution partner at TYPO3 GmbH

We are proud and extremely happy to be the first Indian agency to be the Official Agency Solution partner at TYPO3 GmbH. 

For more than 9 years we have been implementing numerous projects with TYPO3 with excellence and have gained a lot of experience with the different functions of the system.

Pioneer of, First-ever TYPO3 Marketplace

Team NITSAN are the people behind the T3Planet. After many months of research, discussions, debates, and development: NITSAN has released one of our major dreams: T3Planet, a conceptualized TYPO3 Marketplace for excellent B2B and B2C opportunities for TYPO3 business and TYPO3 website holders.!  

Marketplace Vendor/Buyer Platform

With T3Planet, TYPO3 developers or agencies will have expanded access to showcase resources and new opportunities to leverage building and selling more TYPO3 resources online with TYPO3 vendors and sellers concept.

Explore T3Planet

TYPO3 Resources at T3Planet

T3Planet provides the widest range of Free and Premium TYPO3 Templates, TYPO3 Extensions and ultimate TYPO3 SaaS solution on the store. TYPO3 resources at T3Planet are unique!


NITSAN at T3Planet has introduced World's First ever Click n Launch TYPO3 Website Builder to Build a TYPO3 website in minutes. TYPO3 SaaS is a very easy, budget-friendly, and convenient option for people with little to no TYPO3 website-building or marketing experience.

Check TYPO3 SaaS and Take your free 15 days trial now! No payment details required.

TYPO3 Excellence with TYPO3 Certification

TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator:

The other achievement is for our Team Leader, Keval Pandya as well as NITSAN, that he has achieved the TCCI (TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator). 

Being a Certified Integrator he holds excellence in developing the template for a website, configuration of all extensions and creates the access rights for backend users. 

TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer:

At the last T3DD19 (TYPO3 developer days 2019) held at Karlsruhe, our TYPO3 developer Bhavin Barad appeared for the TCCD exam and cleared it with excellence.

He is well versed with practical excellence of TYPO3 projects, architecture, design patterns, best practices, and a fair share of internals both TYPO3 CMS and the extension framework. He follows the latest TYPO3 Coding Guidelines (CGL).

Keen Contributor to TYPO3 Community

We aim to be helpful for TYPO3 developers, teams, and organizations to adopt and flourish TYPO3 community,  by expanding our support by various means.

TYPO3 Core Contribution

As a give back to the TYPO3 community, Team NITSAN always tries to contribute in TYPO3 core eg., Review patch, Create patch, Testing of new TYPO3 version etc.

Code Sprint:

We participated and sponsored multiple Code sprints for improvement of the TYPO3 core getting confined with the group of skilled developers to get a decent number of high-quality patches to the TYPO3 core, development of TYPO3 Core Workflows and to motivate and help developers to bring out their best to help the TYPO3 Community.

TER Extension:

NITSAN is officially a contributor of TER extensions. It feels proud to let you know that NITSAN has contributed 35+ TYPO3 extensions at Official TYPO3 Extension Repository.

Check out our range of Extensions development here - 

Active Participation at TYPO3 Slack

NITSAN has been vibrant, responsive, and very active to contribute to TYPO3 project channels in discussion with core TYPO3 developers for future agendas, minutes, and discussion between meetups.

Contribution in TYPO3 Community Projects


It’s our pleasure to contribute to TYPO3 community’s main website, We are the only company who is a member as “whole company”. Join us

  • TYPO3 Initiatives like Dashboard

Sanjay has been helping hand as development, designing and testing partner for innovative TYPO3 dashboard, the most unique feature of TYPO3 v10.

Enthusiastic Contributor for TYPO3 Knowledge Sharing

Part of T3A Content Team

We feel obliged to be a part of the T3A content group of editors, strategists, essayists, videographers, and originators. This is nothing less than an achievement for us.

TYPO3 Documentation

It's a bit difficult to cope up with TYPO3 documentation due to its complexity and language barriers. 

Team NITSAN has constantly tried to document the difficult or untouched concepts in an easy language and simplified manner such that it could also be understandable to newbies.

Writing English TYPO3 Blog:

Being a part of the T3A content group, we constantly publish TYPO3 blogs on TYPO3, business, latest trends, and help existing TYPO3 users to avail maximum benefits from it.

Check out our blogs at 

An active participant in TYPO3 Events

Organizers of TYPO3 Sprint, India

NITSAN feels grateful for organizing the first-ever TYPO3 code sprint in India, Asia.

We were very excited and energized for aiming to make a productive sprint by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course celebrating such a great event with social get-together, fun, food and much more!

Read TYPO3 Sprint India

T3DD as Speaker & Sponsorship, 2018

Sanjay shared a talk on TYPO3 Upgrade, focusing on tips & tricks for TYPO3 upgrade projects, for TYPO3 developers & agencies. 

You may also avail the benefit:

T3CON as Speaker & Sponsor, 2018

We attended the 13th International TYPO3 Conference and TYPO3 Gala Awards as speaker and sponsor for the event and Sanjay delivered an excellent speech on "TYPO3 Update! Why & How ?" 

Checkout slides at

T3DD as Speaker & Sponsorship, 2019

Sanjay delivered a talk in two sessions on “Essential Solutions for TYPO3 Productivity” which was appreciated and loved by all the TYPO3 attendees.

Explore video session here:

T3CON as Speaker & Sponsor, 2019

At this TYPO3 Conference our CEO and CTO, Nitin and Sanjay delivered their expert talk on “Exploring B2B/B2C Store into TYPO3 Ecosystem”, the most discussed topic into TYPO3 universe. 

With the talk, we launched the platform T3Planet, first ever TYPO3 Marketplace, to provide TYPO3 resource sharing, caring, and ecosystem a better shape. 

Establishment of iTug

iTUG stands for India TYPO3 user group, the only TYPO3 authorized management group of India.

iTUG is a non-profit association and consists of users, administrators, developers, testers, designers and agencies to conduct TYPO3 Seminar/Workshops, Exchanging tips and advise, conduct TYPO3 Public Events, Involve/Participate technology lovers to TYPO3 Universe, Develop TYPO3 Extensions for TER, Aware Universities Students with TYPO3.


Wrap Up!

We endeavor to acquire new turning points with our legit efforts and productive outcomes keeping in mind to provide services beyond expectations. That is the purpose behind our esteem and unwavering quality in the community.

We are procuring milestones and that is the direct result of innovation and open-source communities are flourishing.

It's developing because our NITSAN family is genuinely devoted and they adore what they do.

What's more, this is only the start…


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