66 Tools & Techniques for Productive TYPO3 Agency

NITSAN holds over 10+ years of expertise within TYPO3 project development. We have learned and explored numerous tools that make us an effective and profitable TYPO3 agency. These tools assistance us for good team collaboration, sustain industry principles, better work quality, productive work, increment deals, enhance venture administration, fruitful results and so on..

66 Tools & Techniques for Productive TYPO3 Agency

Are you interested to know which tools and techniques does a TYPO3 Agency use?

Then you are at right place :)

For all the budding entrepreneurs reading this post, we have compiled a list of free web-based applications for you that will facilitate you in efficiently managing your daily operations and successfully accomplish long-term goals that you’ve set for your soon-to-be business empires.

If you are a growing company and you have a growth-driven team, vision and dedication to achieve your business goals, all you need a powerful set of right and integrated tools to leverage your business.

So here, we would love to share all the tools and techniques which would serve you and your organization by easing out your work because it's about bliss of clients and employees.

Here we've listed down the tools and technologies for :

  • General tools for entire team
  • Tools for project management
  • Tools for TYPO3 developer team
  • Tools for QA and Testing team
  • Tools for Sales and marketers
  • Tools for HR team

Just click on the icon to open the tool :)

General tools for entire team

Common tools that helps our entire division for the internal communication and collaboration for various purpose like Emails, Passwords, Cloud Documents etc.,

For Project Management

In IT Industry, Project management is one of the crucial task,where the success of project highly depends on how to achieve the best quality work with achieved goals in time. That’s why, We always stay updated with project management tools and techniques like PMS tool, Agile project methodology, custom Intranet web application, Slack etc. for fruitful results.

For TYPO3 Team

Our TYPO3 technical team is always keen to adapt new technologies and standards. We have mainly two team 1. TYPO3 Template Integrators, 2. TYPO3 Extensions Developers.

For better productivity and quality of work, our team is always cares like best server infrastructure, follow TYPO3 standards, use latest Frontend technologies, Adapt version and standards of new TYPO3, use various browsers and design tools and so on.,

For QA Testing Team

NITSAN have one motto to provide best quality of the project, That’s why, We have dedicated QC/QA Testing team to make sure the quality of the project, before the project delivered to the client. All the projects has been passed with different testing scenario as follows:

  • Cross-Platform Testing (browsers and devices)

  • UI/UX Design Testing (eg., PX Perfect)

  • Usability Testing (for backend)

  • Functionality Testing (for custom extensions)

  • Adaptability Testing

  • Unit Testing (for the extensions)

  • SEO and SEM Testing

  • Speed and Performance Testing

For Sales and Marketers

The right tools can mean the difference between success and failure. Not only will they make your life easier, but they have the power to make your sales and marketing teams work smarter, not harder. Here we round-up some of the best marketing automation, event management and prospecting tools every marketer needs to know.

For HR Team

Finding HR software that meets your company’s individual needs is tricky – options are abundant and each software has its merits. To aid your search, we assembled a few promising tools for some of the most important HR techniques, like recruiting, performance management, employee training and employee engagement.

We hope all the above tools and techniques would be helpful to you too. If you found the above information useful then please like it and share it with your TYPO3 Developers, QA Testers, Project Managers and Marketers to increase their productivity too.

One more thing, by the time, NITSAN team always ready to keep stay update and take the challenges to accept new things. Do you have any good suggestions? If yes, Please let us know with below comment box, We would love to know about it.

Happy Productive Work :)

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