TYPO3 Conference 2019,Netherlands

Every year, the TYPO3 Conference is a great way to get everyone gathered from the TYPO3 community together. It’s a joy to see the attendees run to friends they haven’t seen in months to give huge hugs and start laughing again about the great memories they shared at the last event.

TYPO3 Conference 2019,Netherlands

TYPO3 community successfully organized the TYPO3 conference event on the 17th-18th of October at The Hague, Netherlands. We were looking forward to it from the last amazing experience we had at TYPO3 Conference last year at Berlin. Over 300 business leaders, innovative retailers, expert agencies, and developers connect each year.

This year, team NITSAN had something special for this conference and everyone has been dreaming and working hard for it. Finally, we were all set with preparations for the conference! 

Unlike last conference Nitin and Sanjay were attending T3CON19, everyone wished them good luck and a happy journey with gifts and sweets as NITSAN's tradition.

The Hague it is!

Hague is a wonderful city in the Netherlands. It is a unique mix of ancient buildings and ultra-modern. It has beautiful streets, buildings, parks, and a way of life. It's a great city to visit. 

The Hague is a study in contrasts — a captivating blend of new styles and old masters in a historic city synonymous with peace and justice. With easy access to both city and beach, The Hague offers everything from royal palaces and great cuisine.

We finally reached the elegant and spectacular venue Fokker Terminal, The Hague at the spectacular country Netherland. 

Partner’s Day Program

TYPO3 Partner's day program was held on 16th October, a program where official TYPO3 and agency partners meets up and share talks, discussions and opportunities about future of TYPO3.

A great initiative and an opportunity to win and innovate TYPO3 together, and how to accelerate your business with it.

Whether you co-founded your company, market your product, or lead business development, you’re invested in the TYPO3 platform and you help in growth. This program was designed for official TYPO3 partners in getting the most out of the Connect Program for community and themselves. Discussions were focused about brand new programs TYPO3 is launching, best practices from TYPO3 experts and success stories of TYPO3 partners.

The partner’s day was carried forward by TYPO3 President’s dinner from  Oliver Dobberkau.

Sponsorship on “Printed Program”

TYPO3 events are the best opportunity for experts, merchants, partners, agencies, developers to collaborate, exchange ideas, and develop business relationships. Also, one can find out a lot of useful information, while cooperating and having fun with the leading innovators. And the best way to flourish the TYPO3 events and benefit the community is by contributing to it.

NITSAN never misses an opportunity to contribute to the great TYPO3 community to flourish. We were happy sponsors for the “Printed program” at TYPO3 Conference for the two consecutive years! We are really glad and honored to contribute to the TYPO3 world as sponsors. This year our venture T3Planet sponsored the event.


What a start of a great event! The event started with a great session delivered by Christian Kromme on the topic “Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human”. It was an  excellent talk about how technology and digitization are rapidly developing and how it is affecting the lives of people.

It was really knowledgeable, innovative and realistic session. We really did enjoy it.

CEO and CTO as a speaker

T3CON19 has numerous sessions to offer with the latest topics, workshops, experts, and fun by being a destination to explore new things adding in the TYPO3 market, to know and understand the future of TYPO3 world. It also aware developers, merchants and agencies to strengthen the base of the TYPO3 community.

At this TYPO3 Conference our CEO and CTO, Nitin and Sanjay delivered their expert talk on “Exploring B2B/B2C Store into TYPO3 Ecosystem”, the most discussed topic into TYPO3 universe. The talk consisted of the ideas and benefits of TYPO3 globalization that will play a lead role to give a new height to the TYPO3 Ecosystem. With the talk, we delivered the platform T3Planet, to provide TYPO3 resource sharing, caring, and ecosystem a better shape. 

Launching of T3 Terminal

And the day finally arrived!

This conference was a very special day for us at Team NITSAN, the people behind the T3Terminal. After many months of research, discussions, debates, and development: we’re finally releasing one of our dreams: T3Planet at T3CON19!

We're happy to announce the acquisition of T3Planet, your one-stop destination for rich TYPO3 products. This is a big step for us to pay back to the great TYPO3 community, which will help in better sharing, caring and earning for the TYPO3 community and help us to offer even better services to our clients.

Want to explore more about T3Planet? visit: t3planet.com

Knowledge sharing with TYPO3 experts

There were expert seminars from an international selection of experienced and knowledgeable TYPO3 developers. The topics covered were directed toward attendees from a range of backgrounds, such as developers, integrators, and marketers.

You can take a look at each talk’s slide and presentation at - https://t3con19.typo3.com/speakers

TYPO3 Award Night & Nominations

TYPO3 Gala awards, a meeting point, where digital design professionals from across the globe find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect, and share constructive, respectful projects. 

A big thanks to the hosts of the evening Jeffrey A. McGuire and Robert Douglass.

That was such a wonderful, successful event. Everyone was having a blast…it’s been a long time since we've been to an amazing evening that was that much fun with our TYPO3 people!

This prize will be awarded to an outstanding TYPO3 project from the category. The winner will be selected by an individual panel of judges who will comb through the submissions to find the most innovative. The panel will create the criteria by which they will choose a winner.

This year we were nominated for the best small TYPO3 website of the year for our venture - “Nakina Adventures” and last year we won the TYPO3 award for the best finance and logistic website of the year for our project “Paysafe”.


Attending TYPO3 events is always what we’ve been looking for. It’s great with T3CON19 like a warm welcome by the TYPO3 community, feels good to meet core members of the TYPO3 community, inspired and motivated to keep contribute, gained the experience and knowledge, explore new cultures, making new friends and building new business relationships.

Closing Ceremony

We're thankful for the tremendous support from our volunteers, venue partners, conference partners, and investor partners. And a huge thank you to all the attendees, conference sponsors, speakers, panelists, and moderators, exhibitors. It has been an amazing experience attending the Gala awards and TYPO3 conference as always.

A big thank you to each and everyone for helping strengthen the TYPO3 community!

We look forward to the next big event, the 2020 TYPO3 Conference! See you there!

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