TYPO3 Conference 2018

NITSAN stands out as the top-notch TYPO3 development based outsourcing company and an active member in TYPO3 community. Our CEO Nitin Chauhan and CTO Sanjay Chauhan, being the TYPO3 lovers has always been looking forward to attend TYPO3 events and this time it was the 13th International TYPO3 Conference they were going to attend at Berlin.

TYPO3 Conference 2018

NITSAN stands out as the top-notch TYPO3 development based outsourcing company and an active member in TYPO3 community. Our CEO Nitin Chauhan and CTO Sanjay Chauhan, being the TYPO3 lovers has always been looking forward to attend TYPO3 events and this time it was the 13th International TYPO3 Conferencethey were going to attend at Berlin. This conference was more special for us as Our CTO was participating as a speaker and we were going to sponsor the event.

Team NITSAN has been engaged with pre-preparations for conference and finally was all set with preparations for conference, awards, gifts and excitement! With a lot of excitement, Team NITSAN wished Bon voyage to our CEO and CTO as they flew from Bhavnagar, India and to Berlin, Germany with long journey of 20 hours and 6290 Kms.

Berlin it is!

Berlin's combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerize all those keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense drinks, and elegant history.

The 13th International TYPO3 Conference was held in Berlin at nhow hotel, the most spectacular and breathtaking venue at banks of river Spree. Entering nhow is like entering a new dimension of a creative, relaxed, inventive surrounding full of TYPO3 people.

T3GIN event

Drinks, Gins, Beers and cheers!
T3GIN on evening of 29th Oct was a social get-together with TYPO3 lovers at this glamorous gin parlour at nhow! We brought the Authentic Indian Gin and trust us, it was a memorable evening with lots of drinks and fun with our TYPO3 family. This event gave us new friends for lifetime.

Quality time with TYPO3 core team!

Meetings with Benny, Mathias, Jörg, Benjamin has been amazing. Open minds to have brainstorming with!
It was the time well spent with core team sharing our thoughts, ideas and to receive much appreciation from core TYPO3 team for our work and contribution. We exchanged gifts and sweets with TYPO3 techies that we have brought from India for them!


Excitement levels were at peak when the event started. We can see people all around the world were at registration counter to participate in the conference. Lots of Agencies, individuals, marketes, developers were seen to avail benefit.

CEO Keynote

Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 conducted Keynote speech giving a glimpse of all the major achievements and happening in TYPO3 world this year. It was a proud moment for team NITSAN to be in one of the major keynotes. That is “NITSAN designed TYPO3.com into Hindi!”
Thanks Mathias Schreiber for appreciation. The major benefit for developing TYPO3.com in Hindi is that India, being a developing nation definitely needs open source CMS like TYPO3 so, to cater to a large section of masses and making them aware about the most powerful and open-source CMS TYPO3. Developing TYPO3 in hindi makes it accessible to all. NITSAN feels proud for developing TYPO3.com in Hindi.

Expert talk by CTO

Our CTO, Sanjay Chauhan delivered an excellent speech on "TYPO3 Update! Why & How ?" that covered tips beneficial for developers, marketers and managers. It was an overwhelming feeling to see the conference hall all packed up with audience and receiving grand appreciation and applause. On public demand we are happy to share the presentation on "TYPO3 Update" at https://goo.gl/SyW5Ko. We are overwhelmed with heartwarming response from TYPO3 lovers all around the globe.

Splendid talks by other professional speakers

We had excellent day listening to expert lectures from techies having vast knowledge of field. Some of the talks like Automation with TYPO3, Scrum in TYPO3 agencies and increase you marketing share were very fruitful to agencies of every size.

NITSAN would like to express the heartfelt thanks to all the speakers for sharing their share ideas, thoughts and experiences at TYPO3 conference.These ideas are beneficial immediately from the methods you suggested for growth of company.
Thank you again for your contribution.

Award Gala Event

The awaited evening of the year! It’s time for TYPO3 Gala Awards. International TYPO3 Gala Award function was held to appreciate the finest works of TYPO3 of the year by agencies and customers. An extravaganza award event by TYPO3 community on eve of 30th October to honor the potential winners with distinguished awards and respect!


The venue for Gala awards was "Admiralspalast", the spectacular theatre blended with amazing interior & tradition. We were awestruck with the beauty of venue! Admiralspalast was an ancient traditional theater with great ambience and a gorgeous venue. We were very excited for the award function to begin. A perfect venue of TYPO3 awards!

All set for Gala Awards!

Ah! It's great to see techies dressed in suits and gowns! The crisp confidence on faces blended with professionalism was something to honor that evening. The countenances bloomed with energy, certainty and fashionable personality. Overall it was a mesmerizing feeling nothing less than attending an oscar award function!

NITSAN won the award!

We were nominated for Best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website of the year award so with high heartbeats, excitement and our fingers crossed we were eagerly waiting for award function to begin! With hopes that team NITSAN to get rewarded with an award, we were excited to get honored with prestigious TYPO3 award.

                                             And the award goes to NITSAN Technologies, India!

NITSAN feels extremely proud to announce that we've won the award for Best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website at the Award event.
It is like a dream come true and most special moment for NITSAN in journey of 7 years to get awarded with this prestigious trophy as a sign of victory. NITSAN is the first Indian firm to receive TYPO3 award! We owe this trophy to our hard work and team!

Checkout the list of winners at https://t3con18.typo3.org/award. We heartily congratulate winners for their success.

Closing Ceremony

And that's it!
Alas the TYPO3 Conference is officially at an end. There have been 2-days of great learning here in Berlin. We have enjoyed bringing you our thoughts, ideas and our tech talks. T3CONF was a great platform for TYPO3 lovers to meet and exchange their views and thoughts with each other and also to build strong business relationships. We returned back with lots of new ideas to work on, a lot of new suggestions and connections with a lot of TYPO3 lovers.

NITSAN felt proud to be the “Printed partner sponsor” at T3CONF. TYPO3 organizers encouraged sponsorship commitment by offering us printed momento as token of appreciation and this motivates us to do more for community.
Thank you Speakers. Thank you TYPO3 core team.Thank you Sponsors. Thank you Volunteers. Thank you Organisers. Thank you attendees Thank you Locals! There is no word for goodbye, just "fare well".
Thanks for the memories. #T3CONF

See you again in next T3CONF!

We are already waiting to attend TYPO3 award function 2019 and 14th International TYPO3 Conference. T3CONEU 2019 will be Thursday and Friday, 17-18 October in The Hague, Netherland. Stay tuned to https://typo3.com/blog  for more updates.

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