Glimpse to the first ever TYPO3 Code Sprint, India/Asia

NITSAN feels grateful for organizing the first-ever TYPO3 code sprint at India, Asia. We were very excited and energized for aiming to make productive sprint by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course celebrating such a great event with social get-together, fun, food and much more!

Glimpse to the first ever TYPO3 Code Sprint, India/Asia

A code sprint is a dedicated session in which a group of volunteers come together at a location, do coding, and having face-to-face project collaboration. Each TYPO3 Sprint has a goal of what is to be built, a design and flexible plan that will guide building it, the work, and the resultant product increment.

NITSAN feels grateful for organizing the first-ever TYPO3 code sprint at India, Asia.

We were very excited and energized for aiming to make productive sprint by completing as many tasks, features, and bugs. Of course celebrating such a great event with social get-together, fun, food and much more!

It was a four-day event where a project ( with tasks have to be accomplished. Typically, a participant selects a ticket (representing a bug, or an improvement that needs to be made) from the project's issue tracker, and get to work on that and get it checked with product owner and technical lead if you’re going in the right way and get feedback on what you’re doing.

Sprint Planning

Sprint Schedule

This sprint has been planned for four days i.e on 28th - 31st  of March where the dedicated team worked in Kanban style on to serve the community by introducing new features, solving issues.

Sprint Member

In this code sprint, 20+ NITSAN's developers, Stefan Bussmann (Product Owner) and Thomas Löffler (Team Leader) gathered up for the code sprint. They were teamed up as follows  

Team division

For this TYPO3 sprint, we had 20+ participants so we divided them into three groups. Every group had 5 members each, for fun they named them as T3LeoT3Gulyboyz, and T3Pirates.
Each team was composed of 3 TYPO3 developers, 1 Front-end developer, and 1 QA tester. Main motives of these teams were to work on

Target TYPO3.ORG Project & Tickets

Day 1: Namaste! आपका स्वागत है

Atithi Devo bhava means the guest is god.

This is not only a phrase but this also reflects Indian culture and ideology. All the guests as per Indian culture are respected as a form of God and serving them reflects equality of serving the god. This is what it means whether the guests are from anywhere in the world or from India itself they are respected and loved to show the form of our rich cultural heritage and belief system!

We welcomed TYPO3 community members, Stefan Bussmann (Product Owner) and Thomas Löffler (Team Leader) in Indian tradition by applying Tilak on the forehead and with sweets.

Day 2: Meditation

Team NITSAN along with T3 community members Stefan and Thomas went for a morning Yoga session in Victoria Park, forest in the middle of town!
We explored the forest 6 in the morning and saw sunrise at 6:20 AM in the morning. It was a beautiful experience to be in laps of nature.

Inside the park, there are 400+ unique variety of floras and fauna. It was really lavishing to do Yoga and Pranayam in this fresh environment.

Potluck lunch

As the TYPO3 community members were so fascinated with Indian food so we decided to give them the actual glimpse of how Indians have their food.
So we decided to conduct a potluck lunch where each and everyone brought homemade Indian dishes and we gathered up and ate in Indian style - i.e sitting on the floor and eat!
There were 25+ different delicious dishes to eat. We believe that eating together develops excellent relationships.

Day 3: Koffee with T3O Panel

NITSAN planned to have some fun & tech talk sessions called with "Koffee with T3O pannel" with Stefan, Thomas, and Nitin.

We had a similar concept like 'ask the Experts sessions' that will allow T3 sprint participants to ask technical TYPO3 questions along with questions to explore their European culture with their outstanding knowledge and ideas. The format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new perspectives.
In these sessions, both shared their ideas and future plans that they hold about TYPO3, their views with the TYPO3 community and shared some crucial tips to boost the skills of developers. Heatly thanks to Stefan Bussman and Thomas Loffler, for sharing your extensive knowledge about TYPO3 and also for fun we had with you!

Coding Night

Initiated working from 10 AM till 4 Am the next day!
20 hours of code was fun! Apart from fun, we must admit it was a productive TYPO3 code night.
Coding, pizza, coke, music, clicks and trying out new Indian beverages was a perfect combination for the coding night.
Kudos to TYPO3 team for your great work.

Cultural Touch

On the last day of the sprint, NITSAN planned to have a cultural event as the guests were keenly interested to have a glimpse of Indian Gujarati culture.

Traditional wear

Everyone was elegantly dressed up in Indian traditional clothes. Girls were looking beautiful in sarees and boys were looking handsome in Kurta!


A Gujarati is always ready for Garba. Garba is a joyful style of dance, based on a circular pattern and characterized by rhythmic action from side to side. Garba performances often include singing and musical accompaniment with drums, hand clapping; and assorted music instruments.

Everyone enjoyed playing garba and it was amazing that German peeps grasped it within 2-3 mins and danced with perfection.

Targets Accomplished

We are proud of team NITSAN for their dedication and hard work. All the members of the team including frontend, TYPO3, and QA testers guys worked very well. In the end, we had a great productive sprint by completing many tickets, Here is the quick statistics.

TYPO3 Badges

To make TYPO3 sprint a memorable one, we have introduced different badges for different purposes and badge would be awarded to the candidates who serves its purpose. One has to earn the badge!

They are not just badges but it means a lot.


TYPO3 Sprint India was a well-organized and well-mentioned community event. We would like to thank TYPO3 Association for providing us an opportunity to organize T3OSprint, India & contribute to the great TYPO3 community, special thanks to Stefan and Thomas for your inputs to make this event splendid and to all the organizers and the team of the enthusiastic volunteers for putting such a great effort to make the event successful.

Looking forward to more opportunities to work together to contribute to the community!

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