Recalling TYPO3 from 1997 - 2020: Growth, Innovation & Facts!

TYPO3 is a global phenomenon that has come a long way since the release of the first version in 2003. The community has grown considerably, and that growth doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Recalling TYPO3 from 1997 - 2020: Growth, Innovation & Facts!

When we look back we see TYPO3 has achieved tremendous growth for years. Today TYPO3 is now one of the most dominant CMS on the market. 

Let’s recall what TYPO3 CMS & TYPO3 Community has achieved and planned through the years.  

TYPO3 has never been a traditional CMS stereotype, it has always cared about Education, partnership and about each and every user of TYPO3, this is something that the community of other CMS lacks. 

TYPO3 is why we have recalled the journey & collected interesting data about TYPO3 with some stats and facts about why TYPO3 has been our favorite since the beginning. Let's go

#1 TYPO3 Open Source CMS is 23 Years Old!

The revolutionary TYPO3 Open Source CMS  was developed from scratch by Kasper Skårhøj, in 1997.

It's hard to tell just how many human hours it took to create the TYPO3 core from scratch, but that didn't stop the people at Open Hub from trying.

According to Open Hub's Project Cost Calculator, Here are some cool numerical  statistics till December 2020,

  • Developed with 595,857 lines of code
  • Had 30,327 commits made by 902 contributors
  • Took an estimated 161 years of effort (COCOMO model)
  • Starting with its first commit in October 2003

#2 TYPO3 is the Most Secure Content Management System

Since starting when the CMS has been built, the TYPO3 core has been designed with strong and robust security.

It feels very proud to be part of the TYPO3 Community which has the world’s most popular PHP CMS and Framework with the most robust security.

#3 TYPO3 is going to launch TYPO3v11

From TYPO3 Beta-state to TYPO3 3.0 to TYPO3 v10 till date, TYPO3 Team has always been working with dedication to provide new versions with remarkable innovations and improvements!

While TYPOv10 has just been launched in 2020, TYPO3 Team is already working hard on the next version—TYPO3 v11. The new TYPO3v11 LTS would be released tentatively on October 5, 2021.

#4 TYPO3 is the Only Open Source CMS that Provides Extended Long Term Support

Yes my friend that’s a fact. TYPO3 community provides three years of extended support, planning time, and peace of mind with the official TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support for the version of TYPO3 you use for your dream website.

To know ROI, It’s always good to check out future planning of any OpenSource CMS, Here is the TYPO3 Roadmap at

#5 TYPO3 has 10,000+ Exciting Features

TYPO3 has been in the market continuously for almost 20 years and continuously evolving and today TYPO3 stands with 10,000+ Exciting CMS features

TYPO3 is being continuously developed with a combination of best practices and Open Source – together with numerous other characteristics – ensuring that TYPO3 is the most economical CMS solution in the Enterprise market

#6 TYPO3 Launched Online TYPO3 Certification Program in 2020

TYPO3 Certification exams were usually conducted at TYPO3 developer days but this year 2020, TYPO3 GmbH launched a fantastic online TYPO3 exam platform partnership initiative with Proctoru.  It has been a great opportunity for TYPO3 peeps staying miles away by getting TYPO3 certified just by conducting an examination from home! #T3Kudos to the team for the initiative!

TYPO3 offers several TYPO3 Certification examinations geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves and test their abilities. It feels proud to be a part of a community that cares about educational programs.

#7 TYPO3 Has dedicated Education System

From 2014 to till date at 2020, it feels proud to say, “TYPO3 is one of the only Open Source communities” to have a dedicated Education & Certification Committee installed by the TYPO3 Association's Board and Expert Advisory Board.

#8 TYPO3 Community has TYPO3 Professional Service Listing Program

Launched in 2012, the Professional Service Listing (PSL) at TYPO3 is the perfect gateway to making your business known to a broader audience and to help it grow. 

We appreciate the idea of having a dedicated platform that enables you to get what you need to promote your products and services.

Do you know NITSAN is also listed at TYPO3’s PSL for providing Excellent TYPO3 development services.

#9 TYPO3 has been downloaded 11.264.138 times!

From year 2003 till 2020 TYPO3 has been loved and downloaded continuously by TYPO3 lovers 11.264.138 times and is not a fixed number. It is continuously changing!

#10 TYPO3 Metrics

  • Market Share: 1.2%
  • Total Live Sites: 285,281+
  • Number of Sites in Top 1 Million: 5,143
  • Top 3 Countries with the Most Sites: Germany, United States, Switzerland

#11 TYPO3 Geography

It’s a myth that TYPO3 is only popular in German countries. TYPO3 has been loved, appreciated, and accepted worldwide! Checkout the TYPO3 usage across the globe.


#12 TYPO3 is Available in Over 51+ Languages

The fact that TYPO3 is accessible in so many languages is one of the biggest things that set it apart from other platforms. Today TYPO3 provides localization for 51+ worldwide languages.

Internationalization and localization is the process of translating software into another language.

#13 TYPO3 Content is Published in Over 120 Different Languages

TYPO3 makes it easy to translate a website into a different language. Currently, the English language version of TYPO3 is at the top of the list with a 67% score. Next is German (7%),  Russian (2.4%), Italian (1.3%) & others.

#14 TYPO3 is *Still* Growing

Whatever amazing platform TYPO3 has been today and has evolved into a well-oiled machine thanks to the robust community.

TYPO3 community organizes TYPO3 Camps, TYPO3 Sprints, TYPO3 Meetups, and TYPO3 User groups for users of all skill levels. 

So far in 2020 there are 1000+ TYPO3 Events organized across the globe. During the COVID crisis, these events are handled online.

Check the official TYPO3 event schedule to find a meetup near you to participate.

#15 TYPO3 had 30,327 commits made by 902 contributors

As one of the largest open-source projects in the world, TYPO3 has a large number of contributors. 

In 2020, the TYPO3 developer team has had over 902 developers who contributed to the TYPO3 core, which contains over 595,857 lines of code.

#16 TYPO3 Can Be Installed in 5 Minutes or Less

TYPO3 makes things easy because it automates many tedious tasks involved in web publishing. The Famous 5 Minute Install allows just about anyone to launch a TYPO3 site with just a few clicks — to the dismay of underemployed developers everywhere.

#17 There Are 8100+ Free Extensions for TYPO3

TYPO3 Extensions extend the functionality of the TYPO3 core. You can find validated 8100+ Free Extensions from the official TYPO3 Extension Repository.

They have been downloaded millions of times. These are just the extensions from TER. There are numerous other 3rd party extensions available for free or purchase, too.

#18 TYPO3 has ~80,000 registered developers!

Yes, you got it right, starting from CMS developed by Kasper, today TYPO3 has a Worldwide Community of ~80,000 registered developers. It’s cool, isn’t it?

#19 TYPO3 is 2nd most popular CMS used in India (2nd Most Populated country in the world)

Yes, that’s true. According to statistics, TYPO3 is the 2nd most popular in India in the Community CMS category.

#20 TYPO3 is most popular on the Entire Internet in the Community CMS category.

Another interesting fact! According to statistics, TYPO3 is the 2nd most popular in India in the Community CMS category.

#21 TYPO3 is going to launch it’s Marketplace Soon!

Hola! Yes that’s true. TYPO3 Community has been planning to launch it’s TYPO3 Marketplace. The idea came into existence in year 2017. We’re eagerly waiting for a B2B/B2C marketplace for sharing and caring of TYPO3 people and resources. 

Today, there is already an existing TYPO3 marketplace for TYPO3 people, T3Planet - First Ever TYPO3 Marketplace

#22. 6,801 Websites using TYPO3 are in the Top Million Sites by Traffic

Here are some Major brands that use TYPO3 CMS for their businesses,

#23 Fact: Bootstrap Package is the most downloaded free TYPO3 template

Bootstrap Package is the most downloaded free template from TER with approx 68,419+ downloads

It delivers a fully configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.

#24 TYPO3 has a cool shop for TYPO3 goodies!

Here you will find the entire range of TYPO3 goods. Discover your favorite TYPO3 brand item, become a member of the TYPO3 Association, book online-certification exams, and check out the latest TYPO3 apparel. 

#25 TYPO3 is a Lucrative Career Opportunity

TYPO3 is able to solve many of the problems businesses face online. It's a safe bet that serious skills in TYPO3 can translate into a lucrative career opportunity.

There is a high demand for skilled freelancers, contractors, and direct hires. TYPO3 developers make a handsome earning per year, according to Indeed.

There are a number of jobs for a TYPO3 professional including:

  • TYPO3 Editor
  • TYPO3 Developer
  • TYPO3 Consultant
  • TYPO3 Blogger
  • TYPO3 Integrator
  • TYPO3 Technical Support Specialist
  • TYPO3 Content Manager

Wrap Up!

These interesting TYPO3 Facts and Stats are a testament to the impact that this publishing platform has had on web standards, usability, and the internet at large. TYPO3 has been a great CMS and the community is thriving to make it better and better. 

Now, do you know any other amazing TYPO3 stats that we missed to mention? Let us know in the comment box below!

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