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NITSAN’s TYPO3 FAQ Guide for outsourcing

Wish to outsource a TYPO3 Project for development? Have confusions and questions in mind? We feel you. We’ve summarized the list of frequently asked questions and their answers received will help you get to know us or your potential partner better.

Wish to outsource a TYPO3 Project for development? Have confusions and questions in mind? We feel you. 

Generally, before working together on an outsourcing project, clients have several questions in mind. NITSAN has been working and serving clients for the last 10 years! 

Here are some of the questions new clients generally ask us before proceeding with the project development confirmation. We’ve summarized the list of frequently asked questions and their answers received will help you get to know us or your potential partner better.

We have been in love and working with TYPO3 for 10+ years

We are a TYPO3 Award winner agency with TYPO3 and Web Development excellence since 2010. We are a Silver member in the TYPO3 Association with TYPO3 certified developers and an official TYPO3 solution partner in TYPO3 GmbH. 

 NITSAN has proudly launched the First-Ever TYPO3 Marketplace, Explore T3Terminal.

NITSAN has been continuously delivering excellence in TYPO3 web development by successfully completing 280+ of TYPO3 projects with German and US clients with different features and customization.

We have been working with a variety of projects, developing from scratch to upgrading, developing extensions to templates. We almost hold experience in all domains of web development domain from small scale to large scale businesses with payment, hospitality, education, health, entertainment, and service fields.

Explore our projects - 

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TYPO3 10.x LTS

LAMP Platform


TYPO3 Fluid

- Template Engine

PHP >= 7.2.x

Bootstrap 4.x

TYPO3 Extbase/Fluid

- Extension Development

MySQL >= 5.5.x

jQuery 3.X, Vanilla JS

Flexible Content Element

Apache >= 2.x

Gulp 4.X

TYPO3 Coding Guideline (CGL)


Fractal, Yarn



Currently, the NITSAN team consists of TYPO3 Certified TYPO3 Developer and TYPO3 Certified Integrator.

Team TYPO3

There are 15 TYPO3 Developers, out of 

8 are TYPO3 Integrators

4 TYPO3 Extension Developers

1 TYPO3 Editors

2 TYPO3 Consultants

Team Front-End

There are 5 front-end developers in the team.

Quality Assurance and Testing

There are 4 testers for quality assurance.

  • 5+ Years of Experience in TYPO3 CMS
  • TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator 
  • ONE - TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer
  • Template Integration & Extension Development
  • Capable of working with GIT like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc.,
  • Experience in working with TYPO3 4.x to TYPO3 10.x
  • Attended TYPO3 Developer Day organized at Germany
  • Follows Industrial Standards Development like Extbase/Fluid, Backend layouts, API, Hook, TYPO3 Core, etc.,
  • Server-level knowledge with Docker, DDEV, Automatic deployment system
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Speed and Performance Optimization
  • Aware of GDPR Regulation 
  • Active in TER extension development
  • 5 Frontend Developers in Team 
  • 4+ Years of Experience in Frontend Dev.
  • Strong Knowledge of CSS3/HTML5 & jQuery
  • Responsive HTML Development
  • Expertise in SASS, AJAX, Gulp & Bootstrap, Vanilla Javascript, Fractal
  • Expertise in Yarn Package Manager, BEM Methodology & PUG Template Engine
  • Modern Design Effects, Standards & Animations
  • Capable of working in PSD, AI, Sketch & XD Design Files
  • Well-working with Atom design concept
  • Latest Browser/OS/Device Compatible
  • Follows W3C Validation
  • CMS Friendly HTML Generation
  • Follows SEO Cares and performs Speed & Performance Optimization
  • 4 QA Testers in Team 
  • 3+ Years of Experience
  • Expertise in UI/UX Design Testing
  • Functionality & Automation Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Browser/OS/Device Compatibility Testing
  • Speed & Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Prepare Backend Manual
  • QA Test Reports and Documentation

Wish to outsource a TYPO3 Project for development? Have confusions and questions in mind? We feel you. 

Generally, before working together on an outsourcing project, clients have several questions in mind. NITSAN has been working and serving clients for the last 10 years! 

Here are some of the questions new clients generally ask us before proceeding with the project development confirmation. We’ve summarized the list of frequently asked questions and their answers received will help you get to know us or your potential partner better.

1) Project Initiation Process

  • Requirement gathering 
  • Kick-off meetings
  • Questions and Confirmations clarification

2) Front-end Development Process

  • Analyzing the providing design file
  • UX development
  • Development of Elements and check it’s reusable flexibility
  • The responsive and mobile-first development approach

3) TYPO3 Development

  • Technical Meeting
  • Technical Document
  • Template Integration
  • Ensuring Backend Usability with flexibility & Reusability
  • TYPO3 development with core standards
  • Custom TYPO3 element development
  • TYPO3 extension Integration (develop custom element if needed)
  • Perform Speed, Performance, and SEO tasks

4) Quality assurance and user acceptance testing
5) Deployment
6) Website launch
7) Support and maintenance

It’s 100+! 

We have developed 35+ TYPO3 Extensions for the Official TYPO3 Extension Repository and customized 70+ TYPO3 extensions for different requirements. Please check 

We have published our PRO extensions at TYPO3 Marketplace -

For TYPO3 templating we using the "Fluid" and

for TYPO3 extension development, we use "Extbase".

Besides communicating with a team and receiving information about updates, you have access to all the project files and amenities. At NITSAN we serve you 

  • Source code (Gitlab, Github)
  • Your project management dashboard (Active Collab, Trello, JIRA)
  • CI/CD to deploy your website with a click of a button
  • Time reports
  • Staging and production environment
  • Instant messenger support to talk to your team (Slack, Skype)

We have a special team of TYPO3 developers with excellence in TYPO3 upgrade. They follow the detailed estimation process stated below,

  • Technical Analysis

Check your current website and it’s TYPO3 version, extensions used, and templating method used. 

Then our TYPO3 upgrade experts prepare a TYPO3 core and extensions compatibility report with our most popular extension EXT:ns_ ext_ compatibility to check to upgrade feasibility.

  • Upgrade vs Relaunch

Based on technical analysis, prepare a solution to go either with Upgrade or Relaunch of the site.

  • Schedules and Planning

Prepare detailed planning to upgrade TYPO3 by considering the minimum down-time of the LIVE site.

  • Upgrade TYPO3 core

Upgrade TYPO3 core to target LTS version by considering removing deprecation, breaks, and clean-ups.

  • Upgrade Extensions

We update or replace older TYPO3 extensions with it’s newer versions. But for such extensions not compatible, we do our best to make them compatible. If a particular extension will not work, then we will need to find a new solution by considering extra efforts.

  • QC/QA Testing

Well, QA Testing with cross-device compatibility, functionality, and design testing.

  • Performance Optimization

We ensure Basic SEO and speed performance optimization tasks for your website for faster loading times and better reach.

  • Delivery and Deployment to LIVE Server

We ensure and guarantee smooth deployment from Development to Live server.

TYPO3 Upgrade Capsules

The number of people working on a project typically depends on the complexity & Timeline of the project and less so on its duration. In the majority of cases adding and locking more people does not always speed up the work because some tasks cannot be parallelized.

Communication is crucial to any successful project! Make sure that it will go well.

At NITSAN the clients get a dedicated Project manager to help you keeping updated with project status, progress, and clearing and confirming any doubts to modifications required at any scope of an ongoing project. You'll have project demos every week. 

Not only will you be better informed about the progress of your project development, but also you’ll be able to make sure that changes are applied whenever you need them and all of you are on the same page.

You also have the freedom to connect with our developers working on your project directly via a single instant communication channel like Slack or Skype in addition to emails. 

We decide the availability of contact according to the client's time differences and finalize the frequency of calls and what time it will be possible to contact them and choose mutual collaboration tools that suit the project best (project management boards such as Active Collab or JIRA, instant messengers such as Slack, Skype or Rocket). 

The cost of the project is a product of duration and hourly rates. The longer the project takes – the more you need to spend. At NITSAN there are certified developers with years of experience to handle the tasks swiftly and can do work faster than the overall cost could be lower than with new developers or agencies with lesser experience and skills working longer hours. Furthermore, time to market may be more important than the cost.

Yes, NITSAN does support you during off-hours and after Long-Term support.

Developing your TYPO3 project is not only about writing code, testing it, and deploying to production servers. Software tends to break at times least expected. Servers do not always heal themselves after reboot.

During the first couple of weeks after the website has been installed, there will be multiple instances when the programmer’s assistance is needed.

It’s an important need to make sure that someone is always available on the development side and they can handle anything anytime.

It’s beneficial to sign a long-term support contract to ensure your TYPO3 site functions well and any issue gets resolved in a jiffy. We’d recommend not working with any agency that does not provide it.

More or less we follow the key principles with the following added approaches:

  • Layered and User-friendly design
  • Agile project development
  • Use modern programming practices
  • Module/Phase wise development and testing
  • Quality and high performance at any cost
  • Scalable and Expandable Projects
  • Code and backend review

Project Development models at NITSAN usually fall into one of the four categories, 

  1. Dedicated resource model
  2. Time and Material Model
  3. Fixed Cost Model
  4. SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • The highly popular model among NITSAN clients. It’s a model that lets you hire dedicated TYPO3 Developers, Frontend Developers, project managers, and QA experts. Clients can hire one resource or a full team for N number of months.
  • Great Model to expand the project team with certified TYPO3 developers.
  • Most clients prefer this model as it employs direct & clear communication with the person (or team) working on the project.
  • Client’s full control over the resource utilization and development process
  • Certified and Trained Resources with 5+ years of experience. Who will follow a well established and defined project execution life cycle to produce a productive result?
  • Complete flexibility of operations including changes in specifications at any time, since the facility is under your control.
  • The most suitable project model when the client has a miscellaneous amount of tasks for one or more than one website.
  • Clients will buy the hours upfront and utilize them as per the requirement.
  • 50 Hours to 500 Hours package with discounted prices
  • A dedicated Project Manager will be allocated to notify clients about daily work updates, utilized, and balanced hours.
  • The team will work according to the instruction and assigned tasks by the clients.
  • A best suitable model for the fixed defined requirements and fixed offered cost.
  • NITSAN will be responsible to complete the work in the offered cost and timeline
  • A dedicated team of experts will be allocated to manage the latest standards and
  • project quality.
  • In this model, The project will be executed in the defined scope of work.
  •  A dedicated project manager will also be allocated to the project.
  • SLA for the continuous maintenance and support for the website.
  • There will be a monthly defined cost to execute the planned activities for each month.
  • The model includes activities like backup/restore, website maintenance, TYPO3 upgrade, resolving bugs/errors, security monitoring and updates, speed, and performance of the website, etc.

Of course, we understand your privacy and we respect it. We know it is really important for you to keep the information and project to be kept confidential.

It is another important document i.e Contractor Statement of Work (SOW). We recommend our clients and happily sign the Statement of Work document to perform all the tasks and work as stated in the document. If the potential outsourcing company does not want to sign an SOW, it’s a clear sign you shouldn’t work with them.

For some people, the term “outsourcing” may bring to mind outsourcing platforms, like Upwork or Fiverr to connect with individual freelancers. 

An outsourcing firm, like NITSAN specialized in TYPO3 web development, is a proper company with its own staff. 

The key distinction from a freelancer is that we can ensure long-term stability for our clients that freelancers cannot: if a particular developer leaves, we will make sure to transfer his or her client-specific knowledge to another developer so that work for our clients carries on smoothly. 

If your freelancer decides to stop working with you, you will have to start from scratch by investing in an entirely new relationship. Freelancers might be the better choice if your project really is a one-time thing.


We hope these frequently asked questions and ideal practices and methodologies we follow and hold at NITSAN would be a help to you to choose your best TYPO3 outsourcing partner. 

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to drop them in the comment box below! 

Have a TYPO3 requirement in mind? Need free TYPO3 consultation? Drop us a message!

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