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AutoHammer - TYPO3 Auto Dealership Platform for Dresden's Largest Auto Dealers

Autohammer is One of the Largest Hyundai Auto dealers in Dresden. Autohammer Group primarily focuses on offering you first-class services and the best advice on all aspects of your car purchase. Auto Hammer dealership has been an authorized Hyundai dealer for over 30 years and offers high-quality cars at fair prices. As one of the largest dealers, there is a requirement for a secure and fully TYPO3 functional website that can manage numerous deals and users simultaneously without compromising any data.

Highlight of Auto hammer project - 

  • 05+ Custom Extension Developed and integrate & added Slider Revolution Extension
  • Developed 315+ Custom Pages
  • Implementing Productivity Through Agile Methodologies
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Across All Devices
  • Design UI Easy to understand
  • Integration with Mobile.de API
  • Transitioning to New Content Types
  • Well Optimized Website for engage more users 
  • After Relaunch, Upgrade website From TYPO3 v11 to v12

Words From Our Customers

Nikolaus Brocke

Nikolaus Brocke


I worked with NITSAN for servicing and redesigning the TYPO3 website of a client of us. It was a good relationship. They could implement every Idea we or the client had. They were responding fast and understood all tasks well. They allways delivered on time.

Autohammer’s Custom TYPO3 Needs

Autohammers required a robust platform to manage dealerships, customers, and users effectively. To achieve this, they commissioned a complete website relaunch.

The following Requirements were the given by customer :

  • Successful relaunch website - Autohammer groups want to relaunch a complete website using the TYPO3 CMS. This project involved successfully rebranding their entire online presence.
  • TYPO3 as a future-proof CMS - The CMS system on the old website needs upgrading to a new, flexible, scalable, secure, and future-proof system.
  • Development & Integration of Custom Extensions - They were in search of custom extension development to visually represent better information and data, to all dealers across Germany.
  • Upgrade to the latest version & Security - They aim to upgrade its website to the latest TYPO3 version for enhanced performance, easy-to-use interface, security, and custom features.
  • Create fast performing Website - More ever they want a website that's easy to find on search engines and provides a great experience for visitors.

Our solution

To meet Auto Hammer Group's requirements, we provided a website with a powerful CMS ensuring easy content management, robust security, and flexibility to adapt to their needs. solutions that we are Offred are :

Design with TYPO3 Heart

Design with TYPO3 Heart

There was a primary project requirement shared by customers that they need a website with Powerful TYPO3 CMS which provides flexibility, security, and reliability for easy website content management. we implemented over four TYPO3 extensions. The core focus of the new website is overall functionality enhancement, and visually represents all data and deals to Dealers and customers.

Next-Level Advanced Search Filters

Next-Level Advanced Search Filters

Auto Hammer Group wanted a website that went beyond just displaying car information. We addressed this by creating custom TYPO3 extensions for visually appealing car details and search functionality. Using these filters, users can filter by brand, model, type, and price.

We Used the following Extension

  • Agency Contact Extension - to display working days/hours.
  • Car Rental Extension - Featuring availability of specific cars.
  • Related Cars Extension - To show related cars at the detail page.
Appointment Scheduler Module

Appointment Scheduler Module

Goal was to streamline sales and service inquiries into a single system. We created a custom solution using a rental car extension and custom TYPO3 forms. This allows them to track all inquiries in one place and even lets customers schedule meetings and service calls directly through the system. Now, Team Autohammer can manage everything from a single, streamlined dashboard.

Mobile.de API For Data Rendering

Mobile.de API For Data Rendering

The Auto Hammer team wants to display the integrated Mobile.de, a leading German car website that provides all across Car information directly from their website using their API . This extension works behind the scenes, automatically fetching the newest car details from Mobile.de on a regular time basis.

Better TYPO3 Backend Flexibility

Better TYPO3 Backend Flexibility

We recognize the importance of a user-friendly experience for dealers like Autohammer group. Our solution helps an intuitive and editor-friendly backend, allowing them to seamlessly manage and display content for their customers and dealers.

  • Implemented Grid to Container System
  • Developed Custom TYPO3 elements
  • Ready to use Screen share demo
  • TYPO3 Backend Preview for easy integration
  • TYPO3 base theme for faster, consistent website development
  • Custom Listing Layouts and Theme Selection Options
Upgrade to TYPO3 v12

Upgrade to TYPO3 v12

After Successfully relaunching the auto hammers website, we upgraded their website to the latest TYPO3 version 12. Implementing the latest security features and Functionality to Overall Improve Strength of website.

  • 04+ Extension Compatible with v12
  • Modified Opening hour Plugin Design 
  • Improve Mask Element Design

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