TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2024 March Edition

TYPO3 Insider Scoop - 2024 March Edition

Welcome to the series of TYPO3 insider scoops for 2024. Sharing all the latest TYPO3 news and events of March 2024. In the month of march there are many events and announcements in the TYPO3 Community. So without wasting time, let's take a look at TYPO3 March Insider Scoop 2024 Edition!

A Recap of the first TYPO3 Marketing Team Sprint in 2024

Recent TYPO3 Marketing Team sprint  was held in Düsseldorf. The two-day event focused on analyzing survey data to address market needs and crafting content for the TYPO3 v13 LTS release. The team successfully produced tangible presentations based on survey results, showcasing TYPO3 features in a sales context. Additionally, they generated a wealth of creative content ideas to engage audiences. The sprint also emphasized networking, with both veterans and newcomers contributing fresh perspectives. The event marked a significant milestone with the largest marketing team gathering in five years, demonstrating the team's commitment to TYPO3's growth.

TYPO3 12.4.12 maintenance release published

This month, TYPO3 has released updates to its platform:

All versions are security releases and contain important security fixes to address vulnerabilities. These updates are crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of TYPO3 websites.

Important Update: New Dates for T3CON24

The TYPO3 Conference 2024 has been rescheduled to take place from November 26th to 28th, 2024. This adjustment was made after considering feedback from the community regarding the original dates close to the holiday season. The event aims to provide convenience for attendees by concluding on a Thursday, allowing them to travel back home on a business day. Additionally, ending before the weekend gives attendees the opportunity to spend time with their families, especially as Christmas approaches. The TYPO3 Award Ceremony will be held on the closing night. 

Annual Report of the TYPO3 UX Team — 2023

The team focuses on enhancing the user experience (UX) of TYPO3 and collaborating on both existing and new features. Key highlights include the development of a UX design system, conducting user testing, backend interface improvements, and updates on TYPO3's UX maturity. Also introduces the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, which will guide future UX improvements. Overall, the team is confident to continue creating a better user experience for TYPO3 users and customers. 

Community Budget Idea Report: Implementing TYPO3 Rector Rules

Recounts the author's involvement in TYPO3 Rector development, starting from their proposal submission for community project funding to the successful implementation of ten new Rector rules. Subsequently, discussions with Sebastian Schreiber led to plans for upgrading TYPO3 Rector to the latest version, resulting in the need to revise existing rules. A code sprint hosted in Mainz in March 2024 facilitated further progress. Looking ahead to Q2, the author aims to introduce additional rules targeting TYPO3 13. Additionally, Sebastian seeks funding for a separate tool enabling the use of TypoScript and other file processors.

TYPO3 12.4.13 maintenance release published

This month, TYPO3 has released updates to its platform:

All versions are security releases and contain important security fixes to address vulnerabilities. These updates are crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of TYPO3 websites.

Employees from the TYPO3 GmbH head to the UK

UKGovCamp 2024:

  • Participated in UKGovCamp24, an annual unconference in London.
  • Engaged in talks covering data privacy, AI, and financial challenges in the public sector.
  • Listened to challenges faced by government departments and discussed TYPO3's use in Europe.

Everyone loves free stuff:

  • Sponsored UKGovCamp24, offering branded merchandise and discussing TYPO3.


  • Sponsored PHPUK, a developer conference with diverse talks.
  • Offered TYPO3 merchandise and the chance to win tickets to TYPO3 Developer Days.

Challenging old perceptions:

  • Highlighted TYPO3's presence in the UK, dispelling misconceptions about outdated versions.
  • Emphasized TYPO3's backend overhaul and improved documentation.

Measuring success:

  • First active participation in UK events marked a milestone for TYPO3.
  • Engaged with attendees, promoting TYPO3's improvements and future plans for UK involvement.

Report From the Localization Team (2023)

Last year, the Localization Team made significant progress, reviving regular meetings and addressing issues such as transitioning from outdated translation infrastructure to Crowdin. They also began creating tutorial videos for translators and extension developers. The team participated in TYPO3camp RheinRuhr, where they interacted with other community teams. Abdulhamid Kwieder joined as co-leader and received recognition for his Arabic translation work. 

At the TYPO3 Community Sprint Autumn, the team focused on improving documentation, addressing duplicate labels, and developing tutorial videos. Plans for 2024 include completing tutorial videos, enhancing documentation and onboarding processes, increasing Crowdin's visibility, expanding the team, and attending TYPO3camps and sprints.

Community Budget Idea Report: ACL Improvements

The progress made on the ACL Improvements initiative, selected as a Community Budget Idea for Q1 2024. It outlines the steps taken, starting from research to documentation and coding, focusing on enhancing TYPO3's permission settings. The initiative involved creating technical drafts, gathering community feedback, and incorporating the findings into official TYPO3 documentation. 

Additionally, improvements were made to streamline the TYPO3 installation process, introducing options for default backend user groups creation. This included a new command for creating user groups beyond the installation phase, enhancing user experience. 

Future plans involve further enhancements to UI/UX aspects, with proposals for Q2 focusing on community voting for these improvements. For Q3, the plan includes implementing deployable permission sets and introducing a general notification center in TYPO3. These developments aim to enhance user experience and simplify permission management within the TYPO3 ecosystem.

Members Have Selected Four Ideas to be Funded in Quarter 2/2024

The blog announces the results of the Quarter 2/2024 budget poll for the TYPO3 Association. Four ideas have been selected by the association members to receive funding. These ideas include implementing rector rules for TYPO3 V13 updates, creating a standalone application for modifying non-PHP files, improving ACL UX/UI based on survey feedback, and enhancing the TYPO3 error log management system. The total budget allocated for these projects is €32,500.

The winners will now proceed to work on their projects with support from the Business Control Committee (BCC). Progress updates will be provided on typo3.org, and upon successful completion, the allotted budget will be paid. Although favorites were seen in the voting results, the BCC notes that the overall results were close, encouraging participation in future rounds. The call for ideas for the third quarter of 2024 will be announced in May 2024.

Simplify the TYPO3 Translation Workflow: TransFusion's Q2/2024 Roadmap

Introduction to TransFusion: In the fast-paced world of web development, innovation is key. TransFusion aims to simplify backend translation challenges for TYPO3 users.

Q1/2024 Progress: The focus of the first quarter was on establishing the foundation for TransFusion. A working wizard prototype was developed and made available on GitHub. Feedback from users was actively sought to guide further development.

Q2/2024 Goals: The goals for the second quarter revolve around enhancing TransFusion's features, improving user experience, and ensuring compatibility with TYPO3 CMS v13 Core changes. Plans include adding support for advanced content elements, custom inline fields, and drag-and-drop functionality for rearranging translation records.

Adapting to TYPO3 CMS v13 Core Changes: Compatibility with recent TYPO3 CMS v13 Core changes is crucial for seamless integration and continued compatibility with TYPO3 technology. Quality assurance measures will be implemented, including thorough testing and comprehensive documentation for users.

Ongoing Commitment: Throughout Q2/2024, the enhanced prototype will be made publicly accessible for community exploration and testing. Feedback and collaboration are welcomed to further enhance TransFusion and meet the evolving needs of the TYPO3 community.


To sum up, the TYPO3 community is abuzz as we enter 2024. There are updates to TYPO3 versions, improvements in skill management platforms, and plans for TYPO3 Developer Days 2024. The community is ready for another year of growth and progress. Together, TYPO3 enthusiasts are shaping the future of digital experiences and strengthening the TYPO3 ecosystem.

See you next month! Enjoy reading about TYPO3!

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